Does Honey Have Expiry Date?

Does Honey Have Expiry Date?
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Honey is a super food and is a cure to many diseases depending on the type of honey you’re consuming.

But many people naturally start to think about it and question pop into the mind if wheather honey have an expiry date or not?

Because we consume it without knowing it so it’s better what we’re filling ourselves with. Let’s find out now…

Why does my honey bottle have an expiry date?

Many people tend to overlook the date on the package and say it’s expiry date when in fact it’s best before date which simply means it’s better to consume before that date but, you can consume after that date as well.

In short, honey don’t expire. Here’s what can happen to your honey if it’s aged:

1. Darken

Natural honey tend to become dark on color when aged enough.

This logic can also be applied when buying honey from the market. If you see dark colored hiney ask the seller if it’s aged.

Try to avoid dark color honey otherwise you might not be able to enjoy it fully.

2. Cloudy

As the honey ages it becomes cloudy overtime. When your honey start to become cloudy it’s a good indicating sign that it has aged enough. Also, the next part after cloudy is…

3. Crystallization

When the glucose molecules combine with water molecules present in the honey the crystallization process begin. 

Age plays a huge role here. Crystallization is not a quick process and requires enough time to start and if you see crystals forming in your honey it’s a good sign to know it’s has been aged.

Quick Note: As honey comes from different plants some crystallize earlier than others. It has been reported that the 18 year old “dew honey” is still in liquid form. Although crystallization is a sign but, shouldn’t be taken as granted.

4. Aroma

Aroma starts to dissipate as the time passes and affects the taste as well. If you notice a change in aroma consider eating it within a week or two or better make some desserts using it that way you’ll not be able to notice any difference in aroma.

5. Flavour

Just like aroma, flavour will also deplete.

Flavour becomes less tasty and not that prominent once it used to have.

Consider using this honey in shakes which is a very good alternative to sugar.

6. Temperature

The factor of temperature also plays a huge role in honey and how it will age.

It’s recommended that hiney should b stored in cool temperature between 50-70 Farhenheit.

Wrapping It Up

Does honey have expiry date? No, either the package doesn’t have the label at all OR it will say “best before”.