Does Kitchen Sink Need A Vent?

Does kitchen sink need a vent?
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To give you the answer in short, yes, every kitchen sink needs a vent.

But, even if you don’t install one it can still be able to take advantage of the sink opening and take the air from there given it’s not already clogged from inside.

In reality, if you don’t install a sink in your kitchen sink it can still be able to work fine. But it’s always a better idea to install a vent especially when you’re installing a new sink or renovating your kitchen to a complete new level.

Stopper Type

Which type of stopper your sink is using also plays a role of whether you need a vent or not.

There are multiple types of stopper types available in the market and here they’re:

  • Lift-and-turn
  • Push-and-pull
  • Pop-up
  • Toe-touch
  • Flip-it
  • Trip lever

Some of these are pretty narrow in size and doesn’t let the air to flow with ease. One such example is pop-up stopper type. It’s a very little opening to let the air flow down the drain.

Overall Kitchen Ventilation

How’s your overall kitchen ventilation is? Is it good or fine but, needs improvement?

The reason for knowing this is because ventilation has to do everything with the air flow and if the air is quite suffice already in the kitchen you might not need the vent attached to your sink.

If you’ve exhaust fan already installed in your kitchen and the type of stopper installed is other than the pop-up or the ones that has a little opening than you’re fine.

Smooth & Better Experience

The best part about the ventilation is that you get a more smooth and better experience overall.

The vent quickly let the water to flow down the drain which helps the oil, fat and debris not to stick to the wall of the drain which later becomes a big mess of clog.


You know the consequences of clogging. It’s a headache and tought to get rid of. But, if you’ve ventilation already setup with your drain pipe than it becomes easy and managable enough to get rid of it.

Also, vent helps a lot to prevent clogging in the first place which is also a plus point.

If your drain pipe ever clogs up you can use the vent pipe to further help you clean the clog.

How To Install?

The vent should be at least 6 inches above the overflow level of the sink or it might not work properly. This is also a crucial part that you need to know when you’re making adjustments to your current sink.

Installing a new one is easy and doesn’t require much efforts because the ones install the sink with vent know the exact levels they need to keep. But, it’s a good idea to remind the professionals so they can keep atleast 6 inches above the overflow level of the sink.


If you’re installing a new sink or renovating your kitchen, than it’s highly recommended to install a vent as well.