Fake Drawer Front [4 Best Picks]

Fake Drawer Front
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Fake drawer fronts are a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen since they’re mostly installed in kitchen.

They provide a more consistent look across all of your kitchen design which is absolutely necessary when most of your home is based on a theme and designed with proper planning.

In this post, we’ll talk about fake drawer front where you can get them and how you can easily install in such a way so you can remove without much efforts if you want to later down the road.

Let’s get started!

4 Fake Drawer Front Clips

1.      False Front Cabinet Clips (1 Set)

This product got more than 900 global reviews and maintain the rating of 4.5 out of 5. Using these set of clips and screws you can easily mount your fake drawer and give it the support it needs.

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2.      Clear Plastic False Front Clips #1931CL (4 Clips)

You’ll get 4 crystal clear plastic clips that are perfect for fake drawer mounting project whether you want it in your bathroom or kitchen it can handle both the places.

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3.      False Front Cabinet Clips (5 Sets)

Made in USA with good quality plastic and is reliable enough to be used for long term basis. You can select 1 set, 2 set of 5 set options depending on how many fake drawers you’re looking to install.

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4.      Rev-A-Shelf 2 Piece 6581 Sink Front Tray, Standard, White

This one is our favorite pick! Why? Because instead of completely covering that area you’ll actually be utilizing that area to your own advantage. It comes with slim basket perfect for storing some items inside.

You should definitely get this because it’s very unlikely that you’ll not have enough space. The depth of space that you’ll need for this product is below 6 inches.

These type of trays are also known as tip-out trays.

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Tips To Keep In Mind

If you’re installing a fake drawer make sure you install it in such a way so if you plan to convert it later someday you’ll not get hard time doing so.

Use tip-out trays instead as they are much better than the regular options available in the market. Flip down drawers are another option to consider but we recommend tip-out as they’re easy to manage and can be able to support itself.

These fake drawers are not suitable for putting any heavy hardware; instead use lightweight things like cleaning cloths, sponge and things like that.

How To Install These Fake Drawer Fronts?

How To Repair Or Remove?

Wrapping It Up

Fake drawer fronts are definitely something that you should consider to revamp the design of your kitchen and bathroom too.

It’s a one-time effort and you’ll reap all the benefits in the future.