Wool Scrap Bags: 4 Options To Choose From [+ Project Ideas]

Wool Scrap Bags
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Wool scrap bag is a wonderful gift to anyone loves arts and crafts.

The possibilities what you can do with these wool scrap bags are endless and depend on your creativity.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the best wool scrap bags that you can get from the online stores and some easy project ideas that you can build using them.

Wool Scrap Bag

Moda 1/2 Pound Wool Scrap Bag Multi Color Rectangles

Half a pound worth of wool scraps box that you can use in different sort of projects. This product is the kind of its own and you’ll rarely find alternative to this one because these are made from the wool material and the others are usually of cotton or polyester.

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What You Need To Know?

The product showcased above are not precut meaning these are not uniform pieces of cloths, instead they come in all shape and sizes.

However, if you want to use exact sizes which we actually recommend than consider using these Winterberry 100% wool cloths:

·         Winterberry Cabin Hand-Dyed Felted 100% Wool

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·         Winterberry Cabin Hand-Dyed Felted 100% Wool; Cornflower Blue 6 pc Small Charm Bundle

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·         Winterberry Cabin Hand-Dyed Felted 100% Wool; Pumpkin Pie 6 pc Small Charm Bundle

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Project Ideas

Here are 5 easy project ideas that you can try with these wool scraps:

1.      Cut Patterns

Make shapes and patterns with the scissor.

2.      Painting

You can apply acrylic paint or other types on this piece of wool cloth and rejuvenate your art skills.

3.      Bags

You can stitch multiple of these small cutouts of different colors and create a tote bag or other type of bags.

4.      Cell Phone Cover

Cell phone cover can also be created using these small wool scrap pieces.

5.      Bracelet Or Necklace

Creating bracelet or necklace wit this pieces are way fun than you can imagine.

How To Work With These?

You can incorporate 2 or more project ideas in to one for example combining painting and bracelet.

Why Wool Scrap Bags Are Popular?

Wool scrap bags are a popular choice among arts and crafts people. The cloth pieces are natural as it gets.

Another reason as to why they are quite popular is because as they are soft they can easily be adjusted into any shape or form you’d like and because of the fact that they are easy to cut.

Are These Synthetically Made Wool Or Original?

These are original wool material extracted from the sheep and then converted into a thread which later made into a piece of cloth that you can use in multiple types of projects.

Wrapping It Up

Having a wool scrap bag is an amazing way to test your creative skills by making things which you’ve only imagined in the past.

These are also a great way to let your kids learn from it by making valuable things and to learn colors from them.