Do Fine Line Tattoos Age Well?

Do Fine Line Tattoos Age Well?
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Aging is a crucial part of any tattoo life. It’ll start to fade as the time passes. The key to safe it for the long use is to focus on the things that matters the most.

Below are some points worth mentioning so you can enjoy your fine line tattoos for longer period of time.

But, In Short…

No, they don’t age well. However, you can take advantage of the below points to extend the time of fading until they’re on your body…

1.     Bathing

A lot of people don’t take bathing in to consideration. But, it impacts the tattoo age quite a lot. Just think about it. Water can deeply moisturize the skin and thus with daily usage of water on your skin can easily make an impact on your tattoo.

2.     Ink Spread

The tattoo ink can easily be spread because of the stretching of the body. Believe it or not a human body stretches the body quite a lot throughout the day. For example, sleep is one of the stretches that we do on a daily basis and thus the ink stars to spread.

Also, during the sleep the tattoo might come in contact with the mattress with pressure that can also contribute a lot in aging life of your tattoo.

3.     Grey Out

Sunlight, body wash, shampoos and soaps are all responsible for graying out the tattoo. If you have the tattoo somewhere hidden under your shirt and if you happen to wear cotton clothing that can also impact the tattoo as cotton can easily absorb sunlight which is quite good for the human body but, not for the tattoo.

4.     Your Body

Each body is different. Some bodies are dry and some are excessively moisturized. If a body is neutral it can hold the tattoo for longer periods of time.

5.     Sweating

Sweating can also play a role in tattoo age as it comes from within the skin. When the sweating occurs via sweat glands the pores from where they come out can mix with the tattoo ink and thus make it fade in the long run especially if you sweat a lot.

6.     Caring

Lack of care is actually the biggest reason behind tattoo fading away way before its time. You see, many of things like sunlight, bathing, sweating, sleeping that we can’t control but, we can make some habits to prolong the life of the tattoo.

7.     Artist

If the tattoo artist is a professional person his/her tattoo should last for quite a while since they use good quality needles, machines and inks and you get charged for them accordingly.

Talk to your friends about recommendations and opt for the best possible person in your opinion.

Get to see the samples before you go. Not always, but, usually the expensive the artist is the better your tattoo will turn out to be.

Wrapping It Up

So, do fine line tattoos age well? No, as they are thin in nature and because of this very reason they don’t age well comparing to other styles of tattoos.