Why Do Football Gloves Smell So Bad? [3 Reasons]

Why Do Football Gloves Smell So Bad?
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If you are looking to buy football gloves, there are a few things you should know before you purchase. Football gloves may seem like an insignificant piece of equipment, but they are actually extremely important. For the safety of your hands, knees, and elbows it is essential that you have the proper pair of football gloves for your position.

The following points describe the importance of football gloves:

  • Helps prevent injury to hands
  • Offers protection to knuckles if hit during play
  • Along with many others

In this post, we’ll talk about why do football gloves smell so bad?

Let’s find out!

Why Do Football Gloves Smell So Bad?

A football gear is very important for a footballer to play well and it is very important for the coaches and managers to choose the best quality, fit and comfortable football gloves. To choose a pair of good football gloves, we should know the factors that affect the quality of football gloves.

One of them is sweat that comes from your hands and fingers. Sweat can cause bad smell which will make you feel uncomfortable while wearing the gloves.

It’s quite irritating when you pull your gloves off from your hands because they smell so bad. However, there is no solution when it comes to sweating so it’s something that you need to tolerate at all times if you love football.

3 Best Football Gloves To Get

1.      Sweating

In the world of football, sweating is inevitable. You will sweat on the field, you’ll sweat at practice, and you’ll sweat in the locker room. After every practice or game you play, you’ll take your football gloves off, and they’ll smell like death. But why?

The smell of your football gloves is caused by bacteria that develops when your hands become sweaty. This bacteria thrives in moist environments; hence the smell. Luckily there is an easy fix to this problem…

2.      Moisturize Before Hand

Properly moisturizing your hands prior wearing your football gloves can help tremendously when it comes to bad smell coming out from your gloves.

This is because the fragrance of the moisturizer will not only moisturize your hands but also help them greatly in fighting the bad odor of the sweat which might not completely get rid of the bad smell but make it enough bearable to you.

3.      Not Properly Washing Them

Washing football gloves may seem like a trivial exercise, but this is actually a very important process. It is vital that you wash your football gloves frequently, and not only will it make them look good, but it will also make sure that they last for a long time.

When you’re using the football gloves on the field, you probably don’t give much thought to the way they smell. It’s true that some people may not notice the odor of the football gloves, while others may find it off putting.

If you want to keep your football gloves in good condition and smells good you should always wash them on a weekly basis atleast.