2023: How To Get Vomit Smell Out Of Couch? [With 5 Steps]

How To Get Vomit Smell Out Of Couch?
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Honestly, vomit smell sucks. To get rid of it, it’s better to take action before it worsens. So in this post, you’ll know what to use and what not to use on your sofa to get vomit smell out of your couch. We’ll also discuss 8 actionable steps to get it done. Let’s get started:

Is It In Leather Material Or…

Before we even begin, it’s important to identify which type is your sofa is? Leather based, cloth based or exactly what type of material is it?

Does it really matter? Yes, it does…

Because some fabrics are more sensitive in nature for example, compare velvet with leather or perhaps cotton couch.

Each one is different and can bear solutions to a certain extent. Take vinegar as an example, it’s acidic in nature but, cotton can easily be able to bear it while others are comparatively less strong in nature.

Although, you can use hydrogen peroxide on leather (a bit) which is by the way the best overall vomit smell remover.

Acetic acid in vinegar is mild in nature and can’t harm washable fabric of your sofa. Yet, it’s strong enough to remove the bad odor of the vomit and residue of it.

But, if you’re in doubt we always recommend to use white vinegar with a mixture of water so that it reduces the concentration of the vinegar and can’t harm the sofa in any way.

Now that you know the basics, let’s continue with the action:

Solutions That Worth Applying

Here are a few solutions that worth applying:

1) Water

Water is one of the most common solutions that you can apply on virtually anything. Water is the easiest to pour right after the vomit takes place. And that’s the reason we recommend pouring a bit of water on the vomit itself and make use of paper towel to absorb it.

The tissue will absorb quite a lot of bad smell and vomit from the sofa that you can throw down in a trash can.

2) White Vinegar

White vinegar works really good to kill all types of bad odor. Keep it in a spray bottle and use it time to time. Don’t rub it with some cloth instead let it dry naturally so that it’ll take vomit odor and dissipate the smell with it.

Please note, we are talking about white vinegar a specific type of it. Don’t use another one as other vinegars are much more acidic and are not good for house cleaning.

Alternatively, White distilled vinegar is much better and best suited for house cleaning and sofas mainly because it has a pH level of about 2.5.

3) Baking soda

It’s another a great option and is present in every home so finding one would not be difficult. As vomit smell is quite strong in nature especially if it’s in great quantity. If that’s the case, it’s advisable to let the baking soda sit overnight so that baking soda can absorb the entire bad vomit odor from your couch.

After that give it a thorough clean using a vacuum cleaner.

Some people have a confusion regarding baking soda that if it’s acidic or not? So for those, no. Baking soda is not acidic in fact it’s alkaline in nature.

Alternatively you can make use of these items for cleaning as well:

  • Talcum Powder
  • Corn Flour
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Perfume

Perfume doesn’t get rid of the vomit smell instead it just suppresses it. So it should be the last technique you’ll apply on your sofa.

5 Steps To Completely Remove The Vomit Smell From The Sofa

Step 1

If the vomit is fresh start by water and paper towel and absorb as much as you can. Have a plastic bag with you.

Step 2

Apply talcum powder, corn flour, or baking soda and let it sit for a few hours. If the vomit is in large quantity let it sit overnight (8 – 12 hours). If it’s not that messy leave it for about (3-6 hours). The best hack is to wait for it to dry.

Step 3

Do a thorough vacuum with high pressure so all the bad odor and baking soda absorb with bad odor goes away.

Step 4

Apply liquid detergent OR white vinegar. This step is important as vomit tends to have fatty tissues in it and thus requires substance that can cut or loosen its position. After application wait for about 30 minutes and wipe it off using a paper towel.

Step 5

Wait for the spot to dry. Once dried, apply perfume as a last step and voila you’re done.