Is Frieze Carpet Going Out Of Style?

Is Frieze Carpet Going Out Of Style
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New homeowners or the people who are setting up a new carpet in their home often ask:

Is frieze carpet still in style?

First, let’s understand what actually frieze carpet is.

It’s a type of carpet which has long twisted fibers. Most of the time these fibers are twisted in steam conditions about 3-5 times.

So they are super spun.

Frieze carpets are great to hide dust and debris but, on the flip side, they are harder to clean.

That’s the reason you might see vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed for this type of carpet as it requires special design and power to suck dirt from these carpets.

Now, as we’ve discussed what exactly they are let’s analyze if they are out of style.

Is Frieze Carpet Going Out Of Style?

Well, the demand of frieze carpet is actually pretty steady.

There’s not much a difference in the demand curve over the past 5 years.

People still use these carpets in 2020 and according to the projected data they will still prefer to use them.

Have a look at the Google trends data between frieze carpet vs plush carpet vs berber carpet.

The other two carpets have always been in demand but, frieze carpet still owns the space. Simply because of how they look and feel.

If you notice the data is quite steady and is not skewed downwards. There’s no decline in the demand whatsoever.

People still discuss frieze carpet on different forums and social media.

So in short, no. Frieze carpets are not going out of style at least that’s what the past data shows. The demand for frieze carpet will still remain the same comparing to what it was 5 years ago.

Why Do People Think That It Might Be Going Out Of Style?

The reason that people usually think about it is because it got long fibers. If something spills on it like a liquid it often gets quite messy and hard to clean.

And the rule of the modern lifestyle is going against it. We are going after things which make our life easier and not difficult.

But, in the case of frieze carpet washing is the only solution even for debris.

When it comes to the dust particles it’s often hard to remove these as they are so deep down inside the holes of the carpet. Even when the vacuum tries to force these particles don’t come out easily and stuck at the upper section of the fibers and thus even if you’ve got very specialized vacuum cleaner they usually can’t able to remove most of these particles unless you do a back and forth motion multiple times.

What’s the solution? You still need to wash them to get rid of most of the dirt.

Or you can try an Asian southern technique that utilizes a baseball bat (or any wood stick). Hang the carpet upside down on a rod and hit on it.

This is a great way to clean most of the dust as the gravity forces the dust particle to fall on the floor and you hitting from another side to another direction thus, these dust particles loosen their position because of the 2-axis forces are on to them and immediately fall off to the ground.

This is how you can clean the frieze carpet without a wash.

Consider it as a dry cleaning method. This is often done in regions like India and Pakistan.

What About Other Carpets?

Don’t do other carpets attract dust? Sure, they do. You still need to follow the same procedure to clean them like usual frieze carpet.

So taking the credit from frieze carpet and giving it to other carpet types is not good especially when you already love the design and aesthetics of the frieze carpet.

Wrapping It Up

Is frieze carpet going out of style? No way. It still continues to persist its demand for the next 10 years easily.

In fact, people might be changing the question to “is carpet going out of style?”.

That’s an appropriate question. But, as long as the future home improvement designs are concerned more and more people are going after carpet and rugs to make the home more modern looking and clean especially in the minimalistic environment types such as prefab homes, etc.