How To Shampoo Frieze Carpet?

How To Shampoo Frieze Carpet
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In order to shampoo frieze carpet you need to take some additional steps prior you doing that:

  • Decide Location
  • Vacuum
  • Treating Stains
  • Shampoo

Decide On The Location

First, you have to decide where are you going to shampoo your frieze carpet? Not, all houses have a backyard so knowing where you’re going to clean the carpet is essential in the first place.

If you’ve got a backyard then you just need to do a proper setup back there and then brought in your frieze carpet there.

Setting up a clean cloth bigger then the actual size of your frieze carpet is necessary as it’ll prevent your carpet get messed from the bottom due to soil, grass, insects, and debris.

Other places where you can shampoo your frieze carpet are:

  • Rooftop, if you’ve got one inside your home
  • Public open place
  • Large bathroom

If you’ve got no choice then it’s possible you need to clean it up in the exact place where it’s already installed.

In this case, make sure before you start the cleaning process; first, set aside all the furniture items which can include sofa, bed, table, lamp, etc.

This step ensures that the water doesn’t come in contact with wood items and prevents them to stay safe as wood might get bloated because of water.


Before you start to shampoo the frieze carpet right away, first do a thorough vacuum. This is important for better cleaning of the carpet.

If you don’t take this step, all the dust particles will start to mix with water and when you think you’re done with the process of cleaning the dust particles will still be there and in combination with the water when you set aside it for drying.

Thus, the carpet will not come out as clean as it should be.

So doing, a good vacuum session in the first place is crucial for better cleaning.

If you’ve no idea which vacuum is good for frieze carpet then here are a few:

All of these vacuum cleaners are super powerful and made specifically for the purpose of cleaning all thick types of carpets. Frieze carpet is one of them.

Treat Stains

The third step for you is to treat the stains. Make sure you use the high-quality stain removal spray or shampoo. Consider these 3 well-known options for stain removals:

Removing the stains prior to shampoo has the following benefits:

Clean surety: You know that after you complete the cleaning of the stains, you’ll get a quality result at the end. Often stains look bad when your carpet itself is clean but, the stain remains the same. Thus, you don’t expect to see messy spots on different places on your frieze carpet.

To even: Technically, stains are those spots on the carpet which are extra dirty right? So when you first go after cleaning the stains what you’re essentially doing is to even the dirtiness of the carpet.

So after the stain removal process when you go to shampoo step the carpet comes out much better.



Now, here comes the section of the post for which you came to this article.

Now, you can proceed to apply shampoo to your frieze carpet. The good news is that you can apply any normal shampoo available at your home.

But, if you want to clean it much better you can use specific carpet shampoos which will surely give you a much better experience overall.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing how to shampoo frieze carpet is important and is not the only step you need to take. You have to make sure you remove the dust, stains and manage to make a proper place for cleaning before you begin shampooing your carpet.