What Fruits Make You Gain Weight? [3 Options]

what fruits make you gain weight
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People who are underweight or have a low body mass index (BMI) face a greater risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Gaining weight can reduce these risks by improving overall health and reducing the chances of developing these diseases. The benefits of gaining weight for underweights are clear, and there is good evidence to support this.

However, gaining weight can be challenging for people who are underweight or have a low BMI. There are many ways to gain weight, and each person’s journey is different. Some tips include eating foods that you enjoy, exercising regularly, and talking to your healthcare provider about how you can achieve your goals.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about what fruits make you gain weight?

Let’s find out!

What Fruits Make You Gain Weight?

Bananas are a great fruit to include in your diet if you’re looking to gain weight. Not only do they provide plenty of nutrients and fiber, but they also contain a decent amount of calories. In fact, one banana contains about 105 calories.

This means that, on average, one banana can help you gain about 10 grams of weight. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that not all bananas are created equal when it comes to their calorie content. For example, the more ripe the banana is, the more calories it will contain. So, if you’re looking to consume a lot of bananas per day, it may be best to opt for ones that are a bit more ripe.

1.      Mango

Mango is a fruit that can be a great help in gaining weight. This is because mangoes are high in calories and contain a lot of sugar. So, if you are trying to gain weight, eating mangoes can be a great way to do so.

2.      Avacado

Avocados are a great fruit to eat if you want to gain weight. Avocados have a high content of healthy fats which can help you feel full longer and help you to lose weight. They also contain fiber which can help to keep your digestive system moving and help with bowel regularity. Overall, avocados are a great way to add more healthy fats and fiber into your diet, which can help you stay on track when trying to gain weight or maintain your current weight.

3.      Coconut

Coconut is the fruit which helps in gaining weight. Coconut oil is a key ingredient in many diets because it has a high caloric value.

Coconut oil also contains medium-chain fatty acids which are metabolized more quickly than other fats and can help you maintain your weight. Coconut milk is also a good source of calcium, magnesium and potassium as well.