Why Is My New Grout Cracking? [6 Reasons]

Why Is My New Grout Cracking?
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Grout can make or break the look and aesthetics of your newly installed tiles. Make a habit of applying good quality grout so they look good in the long run.

In this post, we’ll talk about why is your new grout cracking and how to deal with this issue.

Let’s get started!

Why Is My New Grout Cracking?

There are a couple of reasons as to why your new grout is cracking. These are the  basic ones you need to look out for:

·         Reason #1: Too Much Water

Mostly this is the issue with grout being cracked. Too much water will make the grout mixture brittle and will lead to cracking after the solution is dried. Make sure, you always put water slowly to make the mixture and if needed add more.

Most of the time the grout we use is of white color and if this is exactly what you’re planning for, we recommend getting a pre-mixed grout like this one so you can never go wrong.

·         Reason #2: Adhesive

You may need to shift your focus to the adhesive that’s used to stick the tiles. If while installing, little adhesive is used it might make the tiles shaky which will lead to grout cracking even though your grout is in good condition.

·         Reason #3: Not Properly Pressed

This rarely happens but, if your grout has been cracked you need to remove from the inside out and apply fresh. If the grout is not properly pressed, this can create air bubbles leading to weak grout.

·         Reason #4: Too Quick Cleaning

Right after the grout has been applied, it might be possible you’ve cleaned the surface by either mopping or spreading water on to the floor. Always make sure that you never clean the freshly grouted surface otherwise it will make things worse.

·         Reason #5: Thin Line

If the line between the tiles are thin, grout might not become strong in that area even after drying because there’s not much space present inside not even enough for the grout to stick to the both the edges.

·         Reason #6: Calibration

It might be possible that your grout is in super condition but, due to the poor calibration and leveling the surface, the cracks are appearing. You can avoid this issue by having a good quality calibration tool like this.

A Big Of A Deal?

Well, the grout is something that strengthens the bond between the tiles. And if the bond is not strong, it might impact the tiles and cause breakage.

·         Aesthetics

Because these lines look super cool and that’s the reason why people install tiles in the first place instead of an old school marble type floors in which you hardly see the lining between them. If the grout is cracked, it’ll aesthetically make an impact on its look and will not look good.

·         Danger Of Breaking The Tile

Because the bond is not strong between the tiles, it might cause cracks in the long run. So make sure you immediately fix the grout issue before things go wrong.

Wrapping It Up

So this is why your new grout is cracking and if you’re applying from scratch you can keep the above reasons in mind to protect the tiles in one go.