4 Reasons: Why Are Hotel Pillows So Fluffy? [2023]

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Fluffy?
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Hotel pillows tend to be more luxurious and soft than the pillows we use at home. And that adds up to a great night’s sleep (for both our bodies and our brains!).

It’s actually because of what they’re made of…

In this post, we’ll talk about why are hotel pillows so fluffy and with that knowledge we can get the same experience in the comfort of our own homes.

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Fluffy?

The pillows of hotels often are not like the regular pillows.

They are what’s known as hypoallergenic pillows.

The purpose of these pillows is that they’re dust mite-resistant polyester fillings to give you a good night and comfortable sleep.

These pillows are specifically designed not to get lumpy or retain heat to create a more pleasing experience for guests.

Other materials that hotels often use are:

  • Down
  • Feathers
  • Memory Foam

Best Hypoallergenic Pillows To Get

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The Other Reasons Why Hotel Pillows Remain So Fluffy

Here are a few more reasons as to why hotel pillows are so fluffy:

1.      Minimal Use

The fluffiness of the pillow is the most important thing hotels need to focus on and to give a better experience to the customer, and hotels know the secret to keep their pillows nice and fresh all the time.

Most hotels in order to keep the fluffiness of the pillow, they will change the pillow pair right after each guest.

And the pillow that’s not is use goes inside a plastic bag and put in a non-dusty room.

So, the next time, when the pillow is needed, they can pull it out and put it on to the bed. By doing this, they can keep the pillow fluffy all times.

This strategy makes each pillow to be used less and give the same experience for years to come.

Note: They do change the pillowcase for each guest in case if you’re wondering.

2.      The Material

Down and feather are both natural materials that create a soft, plush feel and because they’re stuffed to the max they are so much fluffier than a normal pillow can be.

The standard pillow at a hotel is 26 inches long. It takes a lot of filling to make that happen and that’s why you don’t experience the same inside your bedroom.

3.      The Outer Cloth

Another reason for the fluff factor is the extra fabric of the outer cloth.

Hotel pillows typically have a double layer of fabric on the top and bottom of the pillow. This extra fabric gives the pillow that “cushy” feel.

The hotel industry takes the extra care because they want guests to adore the bedding. If they feel comfortable and happy with their pillow, they will be more likely to come back to the same hotel.

How Do Hotels Fluff Up Pillows?

The art of fluffing up pillows is an important skill to master if you want to create the perfect guest experience in a hotel or your Airbnb.

Whether it be a 5-star luxury brand or a budget stay, making sure guests have comfortable beds with nicely arranged and fluffy pillows can make all the difference. BnBYard has some amazing resources to make your room as aesthetically pleasing as possible so be sure to check them out.

The process of fluffing up pillows involves two crucial steps; firstly, refilling them so that they are plump and full of stuffing, and secondly, arranging them neatly on top of the bedding. For king size beds in particular, there needs to be a certain level of finesse to ensure that the look is symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing otherwise they do kind of feel uncomfortable. This can often require multiple attempts and requires attention to detail from housekeeping staff as even small changes in positioning can have huge impacts on how luxurious the overall set-up appears.