Why Are Kitchen Sinks Always By Windows? [3 Reasons]

Why Are Kitchen Sinks Always By Windows?
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We are all aware of the fact that kitchen sinks are used to wash hands, dishes and utensils. In most cases in addition to being functional they are also the most decorative piece of furniture in the kitchen. There is a variety of types and styles available today depending on your needs. The first thing you will need to decide is whether you want under mount or top mount sink.

In this post, we’ll talk about why are kitchen sinks always by windows?

Let’s find out!

Why Are Kitchen Sinks Always By Windows?

For every kitchen, there is a sink. The sink is a place where your family members gather together to do washing of dishes and cooking utensils. The sink therefore should be in a place where the kitchen doesn’t smell bad. If you are going to design your kitchen, it would be great to put your sink next to the window.

The window will help your kitchen not to smell because of the cold air that comes in through the window. Cold air will help dry up water that was left behind by rinsing dishes or doing other chores at the sink.

3 Best Kitchen Sinks To Get

1.      Easy Drain

Some people like having a kitchen sink right by the window, and others don’t. But what if you were told that having a kitchen sink in this way helps to drain it?

This is a common problem – water sitting stagnant in your sink and refusing to drain down the drain. Every minute it sits there is another minute of potential bacteria growth in your sink. If you want to keep your home sanitary and free of germs, then you’ll need to learn how to make sure your kitchen sink drains properly.

Sink under the window allows easy drainage and thus if any problem occurs down the road it’s pretty easy to inspect by a professional. Also, there’s another reason for it…

2.      Getting Rid Of Unwanted Smell

Most people wonder how to get rid of a smell in a kitchen sink. The sink can get smelly if you don’t maintain it properly. There are several methods and tips to remove odor from the kitchen sink and make it fresh, clean and odor-free.

The first and only effective solution is to obviously have a sink under a window. This will allow you to draw in the fresh air which will help the bad odor go away.

In most of the homes, sinks are always installed just below the window which is quite the reason why it’s installed this way.

The reason is to eliminate the entire dishes bad odor in case you’ve left the plates un-cleaned for long.

3.      Easy For Plumbers To Inspect

You can’t always install a kitchen sink under the window, but when you can, it’s a good idea to do so. By having the sink by the window, you are making it easier for your plumber to inspect and fix any issues that may arise. Your plumber will be able to see what is going on with the outside faucet without having to come into the house or call in a second plumber.

It is also worth mentioning that many different types of plumbing companies can take advantage of a sink by the window. This includes HVAC contractors, landscapers and more.