How Old Are Kerr Mason Jars? [3 Considerations]

how old are kerr mason jars
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Mason jars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reliable and durable. For anyone who loves to cook, can or preserve foods, mason jars are a must-have item.

There are many reasons why mason jars are so important. First, they are incredibly sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is important because you want to be able to use your jars over and over again without having to worry about them breaking.

Second, mason jars are airtight which helps to keep your food fresher for longer. This is especially important if you plan on storing canned goods for an extended period of time.

Finally, mason jars come in a variety of sizes which makes them perfect for a variety of different uses.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about how old are Kerr mason jars?

Let’s find out!

How Old Are Kerr Mason Jars?

Kerr mason jars have been around since 1904, and many people expect them to last a long time. However, it is important to remember that these jars are not indestructible and can break if they are dropped or hit too hard.

If you have a Kerr mason jar that is more than 100 years old, it is likely of value to collectors. While the newer jars are still great for canning and other purposes, they may not be worth as much money.

3 Best Kerr Mason Jars To Try

1) 1904

Kerr mason jars are made since 1904. The Kerr company was founded by Mr. Kerr. They started out making fruit jars and then moved onto canning jars.

2) Ball Is From 1880

Kerr Mason Jars have been around since 1904, while Ball is from 1880. Both companies have the same goal: to provide canning jars for those who want to preserve food. Here are some things to know about each company and their products.

Kerr was founded in 1904 by Mr. Kerr. The company produces both regular and wide-mouth canning jars in a variety of sizes. They also offer other canning supplies, such as lids and rings.

Ball was founded by five brothers: Frank, Edmund, George, Lucius, and William Ball. The company started in Buffalo, NY.

3) Economical

Kerr mason jars are made since 1904 and are known for providing economical mason jars. Invented by Mr. Kerr, Kerr self-sealing lids and jars were designed to provide a more affordable option for canning fruits and vegetables.

Kerr mason jars are made of high-quality glass that is heat resistant and durable. The wide mouth of the jar makes it easy to fill with large pieces of fruit or vegetables. The airtight lid seal helps keep food fresh for longer periods of time.

Kerr mason jars are available in a variety of sizes, including half-pint, pint, and quart sizes.