Should I Mop With Hot Or Cold Water? [Flooring & Detergent 101]

Should I Mop With Hot Or Cold Water?
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Never allow the floor of your home to get dirty. Dirt and grime can ruin not only your flooring but also your health. For this reason it is important to maintain a regular mopping schedule.

Not doing so, can lead to bacteria buildup, which can cause serious illnesses if you are exposed on a daily basis. To clean your floors properly you will need some supplies, all of which are easily found in any local store.

However, what about the temperature of the water? Does it really matter? Let’s find out if you should mop with hot or cold water.

Should I Mop With Hot Or Cold Water?

Some experts are of the opinion that it doesn’t matter, since both the water types have the potential to remove dirt, debris and grime on the floor.

But others say that you should use hot water for maximum efficiency. So which is the best way to go? The quickest way to get the answer is to look at what happens when you use hot water to mop up your own floor.

Test things out to get knowledge and experience yourself.

It’s true, that the steam that is created when you use hot water has the power to lift the dirt and clean the surface. If you use cold water, there won’t be any steam, and hence no lifting of dirt or cleaning of the surface.

Both has pros and cons let’s talk deep now…

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1.      Cold Water

Mop water is not always hot. Some people think that mop water should be hot in order to properly clean the floor. However, this is incorrect.

Cold water can also work well in cleaning floors, but you need to use certain techniques when using cold water mopping.

Use a good quality vacuum cleaner when cleaning first before you begin using cold water mopping.

Cold water mopping ensures that you’re not hurting the floor tiles or getting the paint damaged. Cold water should be used in mopping when you want to clean not so deeply.

2.      Hot Water

Mopping with hot water is a great way to clean your floors. Hot water actually melts the dirt on the floor, making it easier for you to mop up. It also works as a disinfectant, killing all the germs and bacteria that are present on the surface of your floor.

Maintaining clean floors at home will not only make them look better, but will also improve air quality in your home by preventing dust particles from spreading around due to traffic.