How Long Does A Rubber Band Last? [3 Tips]

How Long Does A Rubber Band Last?
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Rubber bands are more than just office supplies, they can actually be used for some pretty impressive tricks.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, rubber bands have a variety of uses beyond tying up the bread.

But do they last forever or have limitations? How long does a rubber band last?

Let’s find out this in today’s post!

Note: We’re talking about what’s known as elastics for teeth in the world of dentistry. We’re not talking about regular rubber bands.

How Long Does A Rubber Band Last?

The rubber bands that hold your braces to your teeth usually last for about 6 to 8 months.

As soon as you get used to your braces and the time comes to replace the rubber bands, you can simply remove them and replace them with new ones if you know how to get it done and if not you can visit the dentist for this procedure.

If some of the rubber bands break or tear, which is quite hard but it can be easily replaced.

3 Best Orthodontic Rubber Bands To Consider

1.      6-8 Months

The orthodontic rubber bands can last in your mouth for 6-8 months even if you keep them in your mouth for 24/7.

Make sure you’re using good quality rubber bands thought, which is specifically made for the purpose of keeping inside of your mouth and is hygienic as well.

6-8 months is more than enough time before a replacement is required.

We recommend visiting your dentist to get it replaced but if you’ve the skill you can do it yourself as well. Especially when you’ve personally experienced replacing it in the past by you alone.

2.      Use Only Orthodontic Gap Teeth Bands And Not Regular Rubber Bands

Some people mistakenly thin that they can use any sort of rubber band because they all have the stretch and are all made from rubber material.

However, most of these things are true, but, the question arises on the hygiene of the regular rubber band.

Regular rubber bands are made for the purpose of using other than putting inside of your mouth and this the hygiene and harmful chemicals is not in the spotlight by companies while making these types of rubber bands.

However, when you go to store or visit online market place you’ll see many hygienic options out there labeled as “Orthodontic Gap Teeth Bands” or something along those lines.

These are the true rubber bands which are specifically made and designed to be used in your mouth.

We’ve showed you the best possible options above pick the one and go along with it.