Can Neon Signs Catch On Fire? [3 Factors]

Can Neon Signs Catch On Fire?
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Neon signs stand out from the background and attract attention. They are a great way to communicate with your customers at night or in poorly lit areas.

Neon signs can be used as outdoor signage, indoor signage, window signage or even wall signage! Before you make any big decisions about neon signs for your business or for your home, there is one thing you want to ask yourself: do I need neon? Chances are that the answer will be yes!

However, can neon signs catch on fire?

Let’s find out!

Can Neon Signs Catch On Fire?

Neon signs are an extremely popular form of advertisement in the nightlife industry. People love it so much that they started using in those own rooms. However, if the sign is not handled correctly or if it has not been set up correctly it can be very dangerous and pose a real safety risk.

A neon sign requires a special kind of glass to be placed between the tubing and the metal backing of the sign. The glass acts as insulation to prevent the sign from reaching extreme temperatures that could cause it to catch fire. If this glass is broken or removed from the neon sign, then heat will travel directly from the metal backing onto the tubing. This can cause a fire to start.

3 Best Neon Signs To Get

1.      Radiate High Heat

Neon signs are used for commercial advertising and have become a popular trend. These signs are made up of two parts: the tubing which is filled with neon gas, and the glass envelope that houses the tubing, which also protects it.

Neon signs will glow at their brightest when they are at an optimum temperature set by the manufacturer. The reason they will glow brightly at this temperature is because the neon gas gets charged and radiate the energy outside in the form of heat and light.

So yes, neon signs can catch on fire if gets too hot because they radiate high heat.

2.      Use Less In Hot Weathers

Neon light signs are popular in cafes and restaurants, but they can also be found in the living rooms of some homes. They are easy to mount with adhesive tape and they require no special care or maintenance. While these signs look cool, they can cause serious injuries if not learned about them properly because of the fact they can catch on fire.

To avoid any accidents and keep your home safe, you need to take precautions before installing a neon light sign. One basic thing that you should implement is that using neon lights less in hot weather conditions to avoid any fire.

3.      Avoid Installing Near Curtains Or Cloth Material

Neon lights are used in various places to illuminate a room. They are used in offices, restaurants and even in homes to enhance the ambiance of the room. These lamps have become very popular and can be found almost anywhere. However, there is a major drawback to these lights.

Neon lights easily catch fire as they run on high voltage and emit UV rays as well. When fluorescent light tubes crack or break, it is possible for them to shatter and cause injury. If a lit tube of neon light breaks, it can cause severe burns and start a fire which is difficult to put out.

That’s why it’s recommended to use neon lights away from curtains and other cloth materials.