Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap With Norwex? [3 Points]

Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap With Norwex?
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If you’re new to the Norwex world of environmental care, chances are pretty high that you have a few questions. One of those questions might be about can you use Dawn dish soap with Norwex. It seems like a logical question to ask, but there is the misconception that Dawn dish soap will harm the fabrics of your Norwex cloths.

Not all dish detergents are made with the same ingredients. Some are designed to be tough on grease, and some are designed to be gentle on your dishes. So it makes sense that some would work better with Norwex than others.

Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap With Norwex?

Yes, you can use Dawn dish soap with Norwex.

Dawn dish soap made with plant-based ingredients is safe to use with Norwex cloths because there is no reason to believe that it will harm the fabric of the cloths.

The soap is safe to use on any fiber material if the fabric is washed and rinsed with water. The Norwex cloths are rinsed thoroughly after the cleaning process and are safe to use on any surface.

You can wash your dishes with Dawn and while using Norwex cloths. Nothing will happen if you use Dawn dish soap on your Norwex cloths. If anything, you’ll find that the combination seems to work well together.

3 Best Norwex Products To Get

1.    Does Norwex Kill Bacteria While Washing Dishes?

Yes. Norwex cloths kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs while washing dishes. Norwex eliminates 99.9% of ecoli, salmonella, listeria, and MRSA while washing dishes with soap and water.

Norwex cloths effectively remove germs and bacteria that cause problems in your kitchen. They eliminate the bad things while helping you to keep your environment clean. It’s an efficient process, and you don’t have to worry about your dishcloth harboring germs after washing dishes with a Norwex cloth. You can use them as often as you need to clean and sanitize.

2.    Is It A Good Idea To Boil Your Norwex Clothes After Using Them?

No. You don’t want to boil your Norwex cloths. They are made of highly-technical fabrics that will be damaged if you boil them. It is not a good idea to boil them. You can sanitize the cloths either by machine washing or with disinfectant wipes if you feel there is a need to do so.

Boiling cloths with materials like Norwex cloths are not good for the longevity of the cloths, and it will diminish the quality of cleaning they can do. You want to keep your Norwex clothes in great shape, and you don’t want to damage them by boiling them.

3.    Can You Put Norwex In The Dryer After Washing Your Dishes?

Yes, you can. You want to put the dryer on the hottest setting possible while drying your Norwex cloths. Then, you can put Norwex cloths in the dryer with other laundry.

You don’t have to worry about your cloths shrinking either. They won’t shrink if you wash and dry them properly. Even if you do somehow put them on a lower heat setting, don’t worry; nothing will happen. Again, though, you shouldn’t intentionally put your cloths in the dryer on a lower setting. You should always put them on the hottest setting possible.