Why Do Guys Take Forever To Poop? [3 Reasons]

Why Do Guys Take Forever To Poop?
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Pooping is important. Pooping keeps us healthy, which means it helps us stay alive longer. It also makes our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you have ever wondered if there is more to pooping than what meets the eye, then keep reading for some interesting facts about this daily activity.

In this post, we’ll talk about why do guys take forever to poop?

Let’s find out!

Why Do Guys Take Forever To Poop?

Everyone knows men take forever to poop, but why? Well first of all, they need alone time. They don’t want to be bothered by any other humans (even if it’s their wife or girlfriend).

Second, they are in no rush when it comes to going No. 2. They will spend as much time as they want on the toilet.

Third, they want to really enjoy the experience. Men take pride in a good poop so they enjoy every aspect of it. What’s not to like about taking your time and reading a magazine or playing candy crush.

3 Best Supplements To Take For Better Poop

1.      Multivitamin Issue

A “multivitamin” used by millions of people for over 50 years can cause an increased amount of gas and even diarrhea. It’s a common occurrence for some people after taking a multivitamin but many don’t realize that it can be caused by consuming multivitamin. The most common brand is Centrum Silver, which generates about $170 billion in sales each year.

The combination of so many ingredients in the multivitamin is known to cause digestive problems in some people including males and thus this can be the reason behind why guys are taking forever to pop.

2.      Overeating

Do you feel like it takes forever to poop? While some people attribute the slow paced nature of bowel movements to constipation, it might have more to do with your diet. Diet is a major factor in how fast we can move our bowels.

Overeating and eating foods that are hard to digest can cause constipation – making you feel like you have to poop but taking longer than normal because you feel full from inside and this brain continue to signal you to go squat!

3.      Poor Digestion

Poor digestion is a common problem that is often overlooked. If you aren’t digesting and absorbing nutrients from your food, then you are not fueling your body properly. You may even be storing fat because your body is confused about what to do with the food you eat. There are 2 simple hacks to apply:

Dehydration can prevent proper digestion. When you are dehydrated, your stomach will produce more acid in order to try to digest the food you have eaten.

Yogurt contains good bacteria that aid in digestion and thus help guys to prevent sitting inside the bathroom for so long.