What Is The Most Common Ratchet Size?

What Is The Most Common Ratchet Size?
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A ratchet is a tool that has been used since the 1913 and is still very much relevant and used in daily life.

You will find ratchets in construction, factories and even at home.

Since, there are many rather sizes available in the market, the most common size is…

What Is The Most Common Ratchet Size?

The most common ratchet size is a 1/4″ drive ratchet.

The 1/4″ drive is the most common because it is used for a variety of different jobs including changing tires, changing oil filters, and so on.

The 1/4″ drive is also very small and compact, making it easy to fit into small places when you need to get into the nitty gritty of things.

This is particularly useful in situations where you need to change the oil in your car, and/or in situations where you need to change the tire because you’ve run over a nail in your tire.

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Other Common Ratchet Sizes

·         1/2-Inch Drive

The 1/2-inch drive is a very common ratchet size and is used in trucks, tanks and industrial machinery. The 1/2-inch drive is slightly larger than the 1/4-inch drive and is used for applications like heavy-duty truck lug nuts and heavy-duty vehicle brakes.

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·         3/8-Inch Drive

The ratchet is a type of mechanical tool used to provide a mechanical advantage when a linear force is needed to turn a nut or bolt, or otherwise apply force to a fastener.

The ratchet is a rotary device consisting of a pivoting handle with a ratchet wheel that engages a pawl mechanism to provide a ratcheting action to the drive mechanism of the tool.

3/8-inch drive is the last and 3rd common ratchet size you need to invest in.

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Why Having A Set Of Common Ratchet Size Matters?

A ratchet size may vary from one brand to another. But if you have a set of common ratchet size, you can use the same tools and the same boxes and racks.

It is much more convenient and saves space and cost. You should not just look at the price and the brand. You should consider the convenience and space-saving aspects too.

Wrapping It Up

So here you have it. Getting these 3 ratchet sizes (1/4″ drive, 1/2″ drive, 3/8″ drive) covers almost all aspects of you ratchet needs.

From fixing lug nuts, to working on truck everything works fine when you have the right set of tools and that’s why it’s recommend to get all of these 3 tools above ro make your life easier.

You can either get each ratchet of different companies or get a full set covering all the common and uncommon sizes if you’re serious about your business or think you might be needing the uncommon sizes in the future as well.