What Is The Rarest Wood On Earth?

What Is The Rarest Wood On Earth?
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Wood is one of the most essential element on this planet. It is used to make our daily necessity such as furniture, box, bed, and paper.

It has its importance not only as a raw material of construction or as a raw material for producing paper but also it is used as a raw material for making different shaped items.

In this post, we’ll talk about what is the rarest wood on earth?

What Is The Rarest Wood On Earth

Lignum Vitae ( Guaiacum Officinale ) is a rare and endangered species of plant, often referred to as the “Tree of Life” because it was used as a tonic to help treat many health ailments including arthritis, tonsillitis, and gout.

The tree is native to the Caribbean and Central America and was traditionally used to make canoes, furniture, and musical instruments.

Today, the plant is protected and there is a steady decline in the number of Lignum Vitae trees in the wild, prompting many people to grow it as a hobby tree.

The tree is endangered because it has been over-harvested for lumber. The wood of the Lignum Vitae is very dense and usually has a dark brown hue. It is so dense that it is one of the woods that sinks in water. It is commonly used for tool handles, flooring, pool cues and knife handles. The wood has a very pleasant smell and is extremely hard and durable.

Top 3 Rarest Wood Products

List of other rarest woods you need to know about

1.      Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood used for carving and making perfumes and incense.

The name comes from the Sanskrit word “Chandana” meaning “sandalwood”. Hardwood trees are trees that produce durable wood used in construction and furniture, such as maple, oak, and walnut.

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2.      Holly

Holly wood is another rarest wood in the world. The holly has long been venerated as a symbol of Christmas, but it is also one of the rarest types of wood in the world.

Holly wood is one of the most durable woods in the world, which is why it has been used to make products like bows and arrows for thousands of years.

When you cut holly wood, it has a natural tendency to close up the wound, which is why it was often used to make furniture that would stand up to constant use. Holly trees are also the only trees that have leaves that are not completely flat, but are rather pointed at the tip.

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3.      Pink Ivory

Pink ivory is one of the rarest wood in the world. Pink ivory is extracted from the heart of the African forest. Pink ivory wood has a pinkish to reddish color with dark streaks.

This wood is even rarer than the white ivory. This wood is very strong and is very expensive. Pink ivory is used for making musical instruments, furniture, etc. Pink ivory is very rare because of its color, which is not easily found in the African forest. Pink ivory is also known as African ivory wood.

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