Does Revlon Use Boar Bristles? [3 Points]

Does Revlon Use Boar Bristles?
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Your hair is your crowning glory. If you have great looking, healthy hair, you are more likely to feel better and look better. Your hair can make a big impact on your appearance, so it is important to choose the right products to style and care for it.

Revlon® has been helping women get beautiful hair since 1932. Today they offer a huge range of high quality products that are suitable for all hair types and styles and for also skin as well.

In this post, we’ll talk about does revlon use boar bristles?

Let’s find out!

Does Revlon Use Boar Bristles?

Boar bristles are made of the hair of the wild boar and have a stiff bristle structure making them perfect for distributing natural oils and stimulate scalp.

However, if you’re practicing Islam, it’s better that you don’t use Revlon brush as boar essentially means pig.

So yes, Revlon does use boar bristles and that’s why some people don’t like the product at all. If you’re one of them here are some clean alternatives:

3 Best Hairbrushes To Get

1.      Yes, They Do Use Boar Bristles

Boar bristle brushes are good for people with thick, coarse, frizzy hair. They dry the hair faster than nylon or plastic bristles, and they don’t cause static electricity.

Even though natural boar bristles are a great choice for many people, many people might not like it because of some reasons. One of which is they don’t like animal based products and another reason can be…

2.      Consider Your Religion If It’s Allowed Or Not

Many people say that consumers should consider their religion before using a Revlon hairbrush as it contains boar bristles.

Because boar is a specie of pig, which might not be good for you if you’re following Islam or other religion that prohibits to use such animal in h.

3.      Go For Plant Based Bristles Or Synthetic Ones If You Don’t Like Revlon

Revlon is a brand that has always been known for making affordable and good quality products. They have a great range of makeup brushes available worldwide.

They also have other products in addition to its known hair brush like foundation, lip stick and so on. These are really good quality and the price is phenomenal, they provide quality and yet is affordable compared to other brands.

However, always keep in mind the religion before you shop Revlon brushes. We can’t say about the other products they provide but definitely stay away from Revlon brush and consider getting plant based bristles or synthetic brushes instead.