Is It Weird To Put A Rug On Carpet? [Well No…]

Is It Weird To Put A Rug On Carpet?
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Both rug and carpet enhance the way your home look. They add more vibrant colors in your home while giving you a warm comfort as well in winters.

Usually, people either use carpet or a rug individually.

Stacking rug on carpet is not something usual but is it okay if we do that? Isn’t it weird? That’s the topic of this post.

Let’s get started!

Is It Weird To Put A Rug On Carpet?

Putting a rug on carpet is not weird it’s actually a personal preference and if you’ve a reason than for sure go ahead.

Here are 2 reasons as to why rug on carpet might be a great idea:

  1. Hiding a spot

You might be having a spot on your carpet that you want to hide using a rug.

2. Personal touch

If the space you’re living in is rented and there’s nothing much you can do to personalize the way how your home should look like in terms of style and colors you want to choose than placing a rug on top of your carpet is a simple and cost effective way to convert the look of your home.

Forget About Weird, Is It A Good Practice?

Placing a rug on top of your carpet is not a good practice and you might ask why?

It’s because the crease can build up on top your rug. Your carpet will remain protected but the rug can be damaged.

However, if you’ve a solid reason for stacking the rug on carpet than there’s no option left.

But, there’s a quick hack that we recommend you should do to keep your rug in a good condition for long time to come. And that is…

Quick Hack: Using Velcro

The use of Velcro.

Velcro is a great material to use in this condition. It will prevent your rug to fold and become creasy.

Here’s the recommended product:

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Tape with Adhesive

What Colors Combos Work Well For Carpet And Rugs?

Generally speaking it’s better to go for contrast based colors. A recommendation would be to use lighter colors on the carpet and dark for the rugs.

So a basic example would be white carpet with black rug.

A few others:

  • Light grey carpet with dark grey rug.
  • Beige color carpet with dark brown rug.

Wrapping It Up

It’s definitely not a weird thing to place rug on top of a carpet. You can design your home just the way you want as long as you know it’s for your own betterment.

If you can afford to do that and you can clean both the rug and carpet on a regular basis than there’s no harm in placing rug on top of the carpet.

This investment can also help you in the long run because you can place the carpet or rug in individual places if you want to and that’s the great part about having both in your home.