Are Toilet Lid Covers Outdated? [Maybe…]

Are Toilet Lid Covers Outdated?
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Lid covers is an essential thing most of us use on a daily basis. Though, there’s no requirement of covering your lid with a cover but most people seem to follow the trend without even realizing that there’s no need for it.

And if asked, they don’t even know the solid purpose for which they’re using the lid cover.

Although, a lid cover can protect the lid but there’s no reason to protect it. We don’t sit on a toilet lid cover. Are we?

In this post, we’ll discuss why lid covers are actually used and is it something that we should stop using because they’re outdated? Also, are there any good alternatives in the market?

Let’s begin!

Are Toilet Lid Covers Outdated?

Let’s first talk about why a toilet lid cover is used before jumping to the conclusion:

·         Look & Feel

A few people install the lid cover on the basis of look and feel. We absolutely agree with this point but the question is “for how long will you remain satisfied?”.

As you know toilet is a place where water splashes a lot and bacteria end up accumulating. After a few months you’ll notice that your cover is not giving you the feel that you’re getting before and nor it’ll look good.

·         Protect Toilet Lid

This one is a solid point but, based on how bad the lid cover itself will start to look like after a few months, is not worth it at all.

·         Negates Lid Temperature In Winters

If you’re living in a colder region and are uncomfortable touching the lid cover because it’s too cold then for sure this is something where a lid cover actually has a use case.

But, what if we don’t close the lid itself? In fact, if the ventilation of your bathroom is good you don’t have to close the lid at all.

But, if you’re still looking for a way to give warmth to your toilet seat than we recommend toilet lid & seat warmer.

Is There Any Alternative To Toilet Lid Covers?

One of the best lid cover alternatives which is not unsanitary at all and a great fit especially if you’ve the budget than we definitely recommend getting a toilet lid cover and seat warmer.

Most of these covers are actually made from a good quality material and not that easy to get scratches.

They warm your seat and give you a premium feel as well.

They are costly, but considering the value they give is exceptional.

Here are the top 3 costing high to low:

Final Thoughts

Are toilet lid covers outdated? They are mostly outdated because they are unsanitary. Not a lot of people love using it because they also start to look dirty as time passes.

If you still want to use the toilet lid covers than that’s fine but don’t invest in extra soft, cushy, fluffy material and these are the ones that tend to get dirty very quickly and you’ll need to either wash it or throw it away and get a new one.

Another quick tip here is that use colors that are not either on white side or black. Use average colors that are not too light or too dark. The reason is that if the colors are dark or light all the dirt can easily be seen.