Is Silicone Toxic To Humans? [2 Considerations]

Is Silicone Toxic To Humans?
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Silicone based products are widely used in the kitchen. They are easy to use and can help make cooking easier. But there are many different silicone based products on the market, which ones should you buy? What makes them different?

But the most important question that you need to ask before any of this is…

Is silicone toxic to humans?

Let’s find out!

Is Silicone Toxic To Humans?

Silicone is a popular additive used in many kitchen and beauty products. It’s also found in children’s toys, cookware, hair care products, and even breast implants. But is silicone truly safe?

Unfortunately, some people think that silicone can be harmful to humans. Some even claim that there are traces of silicon in breast implants that caused cancer in women who had implants for years. That’s why some people think that silicone is toxic.

But the reality is the toxicity of silicone is so negligible that it cannot be counted.

3 Best Silicone Products To Consider

1.      Silicone Is Non-Toxic

Products made from silicone are widely used, but some people still associate it with the harmful chemicals that were once used to make it. The truth is that silicone is a completely safe and non-toxic material.

Silicone has been widely used in medicine and personal care products for over 50 years. Since 1964, there have been no reports of toxicity or adverse reactions – except in rare cases when the material was implanted improperly or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Silicone can also be found in many household appliances, toys, tools, kitchenware etc., so you could even say it’s an essential item for modern day living.

2.      Negligible Toxicity That Can Release On Very High Temperatures

Silicone is a polymer that consists of silicon and oxygen. It’s used in many products, such as kitchen utensils and bras (yes, even natural breast augmentation).

Silicone is found to be non-toxic and it’s at the bottom of the toxicity list. Silicone has negligible toxicity that can only release on very high temperatures or through an electric charge.

Silicone does get absorbed by the body but if it’s not enough, you’ll highly unlike get the harming affect it’ll do to your body.

In fact, it will get depleted as you continue living as it goes in your fat cells! But let’s be honest: we eat enough food every day that gets us the decent supply of good bacteria enough for the pathogens to stay away from our bodies.