Why Do Vans Hurt My Feet? [3 Reasons]

Why Do Vans Hurt My Feet?
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One of the awesome things about Vans is its simple design.

Vans are clunky shoes that are very durable. They are so durable, in fact, that many people choose to wear them as work shoes where the environment is casual.

This is not a good idea, however, because if you do this, you are going to end up with flat feet and that can lead to back pain.

In this post, we’ll talk about why do vans shoes hurting your feet?

Let’s begin!

Why Do Vans Hurt My Feet?

Van’s should only hurt if they don’t fit properly.

Make sure to walk around the shoe store with the shoes on and get the shoe salesman to check they fit properly.

Make sure you have had a good look at the inside of the shoe to see the structure it can make a difference because this way you can spot the problem just by looking at it.

Another reason is the surface of the Vans shoes is flat (compared to other brands), which means that your feet don’t get proper support because there’s no lift inside these shoes.

Try changing soles and get comfortable soles from the market instead.

3 Best Vans Shoes In The Market

1.      Reason #1: Flat Surface

Flat surfaces are not ergonomic, this type of shoes you wear can cause foot pain, knee pain, back pain.

And because Vans are one of these kinds, it can cause these issues to you. This is because your foot is only as good as the surface you stand on.

Most of the time, when you wear shoes, you stand on a flat surface. If you wear shoes regularly you spend a large portion of your life on a flat surface. And your foot is not designed for that.

2.      Reason #2: Not A Proper Size

Nowadays it is very common to see people wearing different type of shoes, but how many of them really know the correct size of their shoes?

Most of the people just wear whatever Vans shoes they like, while they don’t even know how to find out if the size of the shoes is right or not.

The shoes are one of the most important aspects of our life, because they are the one that helps us to walk around and carry out our daily activities.

It is very important to make sure they are well taken care of. In order to find the correct size of the shoes, people should measure their feet.

This way they will be able to find the right size of the shoes and they will never have to deal with the pain of wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose.

3.      Reason #3: They Are For A Specific Purpose

Many of you might not know but, Vans are specifically designed for skateboarding. The soles of the shoes are flat and wide, which is exactly what you need for skateboarding.

The problem is that you do not need this for walking around on hard floors all day. If you must wear these shoes to work, you need to get inserts so that you can add some arch support. Otherwise, you will end up with foot problems.