Can You Wear Orange And Red Together? [2 Points]

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Before you go out to buy clothes, you should first know the importance of wearing good colors. A bright color can be the highlight of your appearance.

The first thing that steps into people’s eyes first thing first is your clothes. Therefore, you should select the right color that matches with your skin tone and body shape.

Really it is not that difficult to pick the right color for your clothes. You just need to know the basics of choosing the right color.

In this post however, we’ll going to talk about can you wear orange and red together?

Let’s get started!

Can You Wear Orange And Red Together?

Yes, you can wear orange & red together. They are complementary colors, but often clash unless one of them is dominant.

Orange and red color combination is a color scheme usually needs to be avoided. There are many more colors to choose from.

Orange and red has a very high contrast which may be too strong for some people. In some cases this combination can be fine, but you should be careful if you want to avoid looking clownish.

It is quite likely that you will not look good in this combination. If you have to try, try to limit yourself to just one color on your body.

Or wear this combination once in a while.

Women Orange/Red Shirts

Men Orange/Red Shirts

1.      Weird Combo

There is a reason why no one recommends that you should wear orange with red.

The reason is that these vibrant colors clash with each other and this results in a weird combination. When you wear orange with red, it will make you look weird and the attention will be on you.

This is because the orange and red combination does not look good together. Wearing orange with red is not at all a good idea. You should try out other color combinations that are a bit far from each other in HEX color graph.

2.      Ask Your Intuition

Fashion is something that is constantly changing and evolving. One of the most popular color combinations in fashion are usually in contrast.

It is a perfect example of how fashion is shaped by other’s intuition and is not based on your own intuition.

Orange is a color that is rarely used in fashion, but it is very popular in interior design and in fashion in Asia. Orange and red in fashion is a combination that in the past was considered unfit for the public and in most cases it is used in combination with black and white.

But in recent years, it has become a very popular combination. It is used in the fashion collections of many brands and is a favorite in the world of handbags.

But, it’s better you should ask yourself before carrying any style on you.