Which Wool Is The Warmest? [It’s…]

Which Wool Is The Warmest?
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Wool is one of the most sought after material to look for. It’s used in so many things made out from clothes and the cost will range from a few dollars to a lot based on the quality of the sheep and the country.

As there are different types of wool you might need to know which wool is the warmest.

Let’s find out!

Which Wool Is The Warmest?

The warmest wool on the Earth is hands down is Angora wool which has a unique quality of heat retention which is 2.5 times more than the average wool come out of sheep’s.

Angora is a type of rabbit from which the wool is extracted. But, many people misunderstand it with the Angora goat.

The same name Angora is used for both the animals. But, the actual angora wool is of the Rabbit and not goat.

The Angora rabbits are shaved or plucked from time to time so they can regrow their hair and give numerous benefits to the society in the form of warm in serious winters.

Other Benefits Of Using Angora Material

·         Silky Texture

Angora has a silky texture to it as well. It’s light as we already know but combined with the silky texture you’ll feel much better when it’ll save you from the cold breeze. Silk is a premium material that people look after for but the main problem with silk is that it’s not very sweat friendly whereas the Angora wool gives you that edge.

·         Soft

Everyone says every type of cloth is soft but in reality if you want to get a true sense what soft really feels like try wearing a suit made from Angora wool. You’ll be surprised what soft actually mean. Soft, along with premium quality wool gives you a much better feeling and especially when you know how tey extract this wool from gives you a feeling of joy worth telling to other people.

·         Moisture-Wicking

Like pure cotton, angora wool can also be able to pull in moisture from the body so you can feel good about yourself whenever you wear it. It’s one of the very few moisture pulling clothes out there that will help you feel better even if you’re sweating a lot. But obvious, you’ll surely not wear it in summer season because it’s the warmest wool already and should only be meant for winters.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know which wool is the warmest take advantage of it and stay cozy all the winters. As it’s the warmest wool in the world thus comes with a hefty price of $15 per ounce that’s a lot .The lightest t-shirt is considered to be 3 ounces minimum if we multiply $15 by 3 it’ll cost $45 just for the wool cost.

Not to mention the stitching, cutting, printing etc. Also, as Angora is a rare breed of rabbit and is only found in Turkey and thus because of the rarity the cost is on an upward level.