Why Won’t My Tweezers Grab Hair? [5 Reasons]

Why Won’t My Tweezers Grab Hair?
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Hair removal is part of the process to beautify yourself. Without doing it, you’ll not be able to properly expose the beauty beneath the hairs.

Showcasing your skin properly from head to toe will beautify you 10x folds.

But, when it comes to hair removal the journey is not as easy as it looks like. You can’t shave every part of the body and you need to use tweezer in some places.

But, because of some issues tweezer don’t pull the hair properly and that’s what we’re about to discuss in this post.

Why Won’t My Tweezers Grab Hair?

There are a couple of reasons as to why your tweezer is not be able to properly grab the hair:

1.      Old

The tweezer you’re using is old. As with everything, the older a product gets the problematic it’ll become. One simple solution is to get a set of new tweezers.

Getting a new tweezer will help you with most of the issues you’re having with it.

2.      Stored Incorrectly That Caused Misalignment

If you don’t have a proper box container for your tweezer than it’s most likely it’ll twist and turn and along the way will become mechanically defected which will affect the process of hair removal. To avoid worsening your other upcoming tweezers make sure you also get a box to protect them or store them in a proper dedicated space.

A simple pencil box like this can work well for storing your tweezers.

3.      Rusty

Tweezers don’t usually rust because the material is not low quality. Technically, all the metals rust even gold or platinum but the rate is very slow and the amount of rust is negligible. If you see your tweezer got a rust replace it with a new one immediately.

4.      You’re Not Applying Enough Power

The power you’re applying is less than what actually is required. Or perhaps, you’re hesitant or afraid as you’ve never experienced the plucking of hair ever before. If this is the case, grab the hair slowly with your tweezer and immediately pluck it off with full force. You’ll rarely feel anything when you do the process fast.

5.      Create An Angle

Perhaps, the angle at which you’re pulling the hair from is incorrect. We recommend instead of going straight on the hair with a 90° angle tilt a bit so you can grab the most volume of the hair with ease of your hands as well.

Wrapping It Up

Here you have it. These are the reasons as to why you won’t be able to grab your hair with tweezers.

Tweezers are not something that’s costly so it’s better you get a full set with multiple options to choose from as it’ll get you the most value and better options to pick.

Always, get a reliable set with better ratings and reviews especially when you use the tweezers a lot on yourself or if you’re running a beauty related business.