Is Zero Water Better Than Brita? [10 Points Comparison]

Is Zero Water Better Than Brita?
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Filtering water is important. In this era chances are, if you’re consuming water directly from the tap you may end up attracting a disease.

Why is that the case? It’s because Earth is getting dirtier day by day and all the pollution of the past is multiple each and every year and thus impacting the whole Earth.

Since, water is the biggest ratio on Earth it has been attracting most of this pollution. And because of that it’s our duty to filter out harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses to keep away from our bodies.

But the problem is identifying which filter is better than the other. Since there are two most popular options to consider which are ZeroWater and Brita, let’s talk about how they compare each other and which one might be a better fit for your specific needs.

Where To Get These?

You can try both the products on Amazon. We have added PUR on the list as it’s also considered as a good quality product. But, we’ll talk more about it in a future post.

Is Zero Water Better Than Brita?

To identify which one is more better let’s talk about criterion for which we’ll be testing each of these products:

1.      Filtering Time

When it comes to filtering time, Brita wins. It takes about 45 seconds to filter water in Brita whereas ZeroWater take about thrice as much (120 seconds).

Brita: 45 seconds

ZeroWater: 120 seconds

2.      Brand Presence & Social Proof

When it comes to brand presence and social proof especially in the United States, Brita is much better recognized than ZeroWater.

Brita: Much better recognized

ZeroWater: Still getting traction but not as popular as Brita

3.      Taste

It has found that ZeroWater is unable to remove the metallic taste in the water whereas Brita is very good at removing it. But, Brita filter may add a slight off-taste to the water.

Brita: May add minimal off-taste in the water

ZeroWater: Unable to remove metallic taste but it’s hardly found in the water so not a big deal in fact a much better drinking experience

4.      Chlorine Removal

Both the filters are fully capable of removing chlorine from the water.

Brita: Yes

ZeroWater: Yes

5.      Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to which filter has the most amount of reviews than almost both of them tie up with the number of reviews. However, Brita stands out in terms of the ratings and overall satisfaction of customers.

6.      Founded

Brita: Founded in 1966. Founder: Heinz Hankammer. German company

ZeroWater: Founded in 2002. Foudner: Rajan Rajan. US company

7.      Filter Life

Brita recommends changing the filter after 40 gallons of water. However, ZeroWater takes a different approach and is based on the usage:

  • Moderate use: 40+ gallons (4 months)
  • Typical range: 25-40 gallons (3 months)
  • High: 15-25 gallons (2 months)
  • Exceptionally high: 8-15 gallons (1 month)
  • Extreme: 8 gallons or less (15 days)

8.      Quality

Both the products come with better quality so there’s no need to compare in this aspect.

9.      Ergonomics

Both the products are ergonomic friendly so it would be unfair to compare them in this aspect.

10. Price

Both the products average at $25 per filter with jug included. And the filter cost around $12 each for both the brands.

Wrapping Up The Results

Is zero water better than Brita? Overall we believe, Brita is much better in almost every aspect of the comparison. But, if you prefer better tasting experience than we’ll recommend ZeroWater for sure.

But, one thing to note is that, for ZeroWater you may need to change the filter very often costing a lot more in the long run comparing to Brita.

ZeroWater produces lemon flavored experience if you don’t change the filter quite often which cost $12 each.

Anyways, we recommend to try testing both the products for a month and stick to the one you prefer more.