How To Wrap Bath Bombs Without Plastic?

How To Wrap Bath Bombs Without Plastic
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If you’ve been manufacturing bath bombs yourself you might have realized if there are other ways to wrap bath bombs without plastic?

The good news is there are.

In this article, we’ll be going to provide you with various ways through which you can wrap the bath bombs without using the plastic sheet.

5 Possible Options to Choose From

These are a few options that you can use to wrap your bath bombs:

1) Tissue paper

General household item and widely available and you don’t have to get to a shop unless you want in quantity and if you’re producing bath bombs for commercial purposes.

Using gift wrap tissues are much better as they come in different colors to choose from and that’s why we recommend using this product.

You might need to cut it to adjust the size or do a double wrap as you deem fit.

2) Wax paper

Wax wrap is known to cover food items and let them stay away from moisture and in the same way it helps bath bombs as well.

Here are a couple of great options to choose from:

3) Foil wrap

Foil wrap is also a great choice for wrapping bath bombs. They look epic and shiny and literally stand out when put in existence of other wrapped bath bombs.

4) Crepe paper

This by far the best option if you’re looking for a tissue like material which is pre-crumpled as well. Best of all there are a lot of color options to choose from. Not a lot of people use crepe paper but it can be the next big trend. You might have to use double layer wrap for your bath bombs as crepe paper is quite sensitive.

Also, you need to learn the art of wrapping using crepe paper as they are usually very thin in size like this product.

Alternatively, you can also use plain butter papers just like shown in this video:

5) See-through handkerchief

This is another option. You can print a brand on the handkerchief if you’re doing a business and see though is a good choice as well. Again, you’ll get many colors to choose from then just a usual white.

Do Bath Bombs Need To Be Shrink Wrapped?

It’s just a personal preference but, generally:

Commercially, yes. For home use, no.

Crumpled tissue paper is usually the best solution to wrap bath bombs as it acts as a cushion.

Although, shrinking any packing material for bath bombs is not necessary. The good rule of thumb is to make sure you always store the bath bombs in dry places so at the time you start to use them they don’t come out mushy.

What Size Shrink Wrap For Bath Bombs?

Plastic Wrap

In a production environment and if you’ve got the necessary gadgets like heat gun, sealer and shrinking bag then you can be a bit more nerdy as to what size shrink wrap for bath bombs is required?

However, if you’re not in a bath bomb business you don’t have to concern at all about the size of the shirk wrap.

45 – 75 gauge plastic wrapping sheet is required for commercial usage. This range is only for the plastic wrap and not for other materials.

A good rule of thumb is you have to make sure your bath bombs remain in good condition within whatever packing you’re using.

If you believe by using other gauge range your bath bombs will be safe then no issues at all. Just follow what you deem fit and improve after every failure if any.

Benefits Of Plastic Wrapping

There are benefits of plastic wrap around the bath bomb. That’s why it’s recommended. However, there’s a caveat. The question should be are you going to use the bath bombs yourself or you’re in business of bath bombs and are selling them for profit?

If you’re using them yourself you can use plastic wrap as you can see the condition of the bath bomb right from outside without unwrapping it.

As everything is visible in a plastic wrap, if there’s a problem you can see it right away.

If you’re selling these bath bombs you have to decide and it’s a personal preference thing and not a recommendation.

In a business perspective if you’re let’s say selling the bath bombs after a month making it you can have a chance to see them again before forwarding the batch to the retail shops or via directly from you. This way plastic wrap ensures your customer gets the right product.

However, wrapping the bath bomb with colored paper or shiny foil always looks better and is great for branding and commercial purposes.

Wrapping It Up

Here you have it: How To Wrap Bath Bombs Without Plastic?

You can always use other materials and plastic wrap is not a necessity for bath bombs.