Where To Store Bath Bombs?

Where To Store Bath Bombs
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Getting bath bombs these days are super easy. You have multiple vendors’ both online and offline supplying bath bombs of better quality and on a daily basis.

Sometimes people opt for getting multiple bath bombs or maybe dozens of them at a single time so they’re sure they’ve got backup before they hop on their bathtubs for enjoying these fizzy soaps.

Knowing where to store bath bombs is crucial as it’s been known that sometimes these bath bombs start crumbling themselves and affects the other once as well.

Even if one bath bomb got affected, there’s a greater chance that it’ll going to affect the full set.

So in today’s post, we’re going o discuss about where you need to store your bath bombs and why crumbling really happens. Let’s get started.

General Rule Of Thumb

You have to store bath bombs in a dry place. This makes common sense and needs to be followed especially in the case of bath bombs as they are sensitive and even just a small droplet of water can ruin things up.

Getting them inside an air-tight container is not enough when you expose the container itself in the moisture.

Containers, plastics wrap and bags all help but, you need to decide on a location that’s far from moisture.

Usually, the container of bath bombs is stored in bathroom. If you’re extra cautious other better alternatives are:

  • Cupboards
  • Basements

Outside of your bathroom to avoid contact with water in any way.

Why You Should Not Store Bath Bombs In The Open?

Preferably, you need to store bath bombs in cling film or sandwich bag or something air tight as discussed earlier and of course in dry place.

But, sometimes people let the container of the bath bombs open to let the fragrance fill the room. Its okay if you’re not planning to use all of those opened bath bombs in the span of 14 days or less depending on where are you living and the moisture level there.

If you’re not planning to use those bath bombs much earlier consider packing them up in an air tight container to retain the freshness, fizz and aroma.

Otherwise, all of those key things that make the bath bomb what it is will be lost.

Freshness, fizz and fragrance will all become dull overtime due to the open environment.

Sodium bicarbonate pulls the moisture out of air and thus loses its fizziness.


Bath bombs are exciting no matter if it’s your first time trying them or 100th time. They always remain enjoyable and memorable because of the experience they come with.

Storing them in a proper dry place will improve the longevity and thus improves the overall experience for you even if your bath bomb is more than a month old.

You can also make use of bath bomb trays to separate them and make them safe from each other in combination with plastic wrap.