Why Did My Bed Slats Break? [3 Reasons]

why did my bed slats break
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Bed slats are one of the most important components of a good bed. They help to keep the mattress firm and can even help to prevent bedsores. People who sleep on their sides often find that the bed slats help them to stay in place. Slats that are too short or too long can also cause problems, so it is important to make sure that they fit your bed properly.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about why did my bed slats break?

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Why Did My Bed Slats Break?

Bed slats are notorious for breaking because of the weight that is put on them. The most common scenario is someone sleeping on their back, with their legs hanging over the edge of the bed. When they put their weight on the bed slats, they stretch them out and they eventually break.

Another common scenario is when a person uses a bed as a couch or an extra seating area in their home. If there are extra people in the home, then there will be more weight on the bed slats. This can cause them to break too.

If you are having trouble with your bed slats breaking, make sure to check the tension on them and make sure that there isn’t too much weight being put on them at one time.

 4 Best Bed Slats To Consider

1.      Excessive Weight

Excessive weight put on bed slats can cause them to break, especially if the bed is used frequently by people of different weights. Bed slats are not meant to support a lot of weight, and when they are overloaded, they can snap or break.

This is because the wood pieces that make up the bed slats are stretched out and weakened as a result. However, this can only happen if you only put quite a lot of weight that you actually feel you’re doing something wrong to your bed. As long as there is a lot of pressure on those slats, they are always at risk of breaking. If you notice that one or more of your bed’s slats have started to fray or look brittle, it might be time to replace them.

2.      Low Quality Slats Wood

Bed slats can break because the slats are made of low quality wood. Some bed slats are thin and do not have a lot of strength. This means that when the weight of someone is on the bed, the bed will shake and the slats can break.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to buy a bed that has high quality wood for the bed slats. This type of wood will be thicker and have more strength, meaning that it won’t break as easily.

Or alternatively, get better quality slats and throw the original one that came with your bed which is of low quality.

3.      No Even Distribution

When installing slats, it is important to ensure even distribution. If not, they may break. Slats should be installed at evenly spaced intervals. When installing, always consult a professional to ensure the installation is done in an efficient and safe manner.