Do Duraflame Logs Smoke? [3 Points]

Do Duraflame Logs Smoke?
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Duraflame fire starters are an essential item for any home that has a fireplace or a fire pit. It comes as a surprise to most people that they aren’t as widely used as they should be. Their uses are numerous and they can improve your home life in numerous ways.

In this post, we’ll talk about do duraflame logs smoke?

Let’s find out now!

Do Duraflame Logs Smoke?

Saying that Duraflame logs are smokeless is not true. Duraflame logs are not smokeless because they do produce smoke when they are burned.

But comparatively, they produce way less smoke than the wood.

3 Best Duraflame Products To Consider

1.      Better Than Wood

How many times have you seen the infomercial about the amazing duraflame logs? They’re 100% natural, they’re better for the environment, they’re cleaner, and they’re more efficient.

Yet, after years of people trying to convince us that these logs are actually better than wood, we’re still not buying it.

However, these logs are actually better than wood.

2.      Environment Friendly

One of the most frequent questions we get at Duraflame is: “How Green is Duraflame Logs?” The answer is: very.

Duraflame logs burn so clean, you won’t even know they’re burning.

As they’re made from all natural ingredients like wax, sawdust and fibers.

Because they’re made from all natural sources, they don’t produce any harmful gases found in wood logs such as benzene, formaldehyde and furans.

3.      Good Investment

Duraflame logs are a good investment. If you wish to plan a BBQ with your family in your house and still save some money during the process, Duraflame logs are the best option for you.

Duraflame provides 2X the amount of better return because they last longer than any type of wood.

Duraflame logs do not require any special type of attention and they do not provoke any allergies, as opposed to other types of firewood. They are not as cheap as other types of firewood but they last longer and they do not require as much as care as other types of firewood.

Wrapping It Up

So, in short, no, duraflame logs doesn’t produce smoke but if they does they’re quite less in comparison to the wood.

Duraflame has been made with things to keep in mind otherwise there’s no value in this product if it was the same as the wood that you’ve been using in the past.

So definitely, that was in the mind of the developers of the Duraflame so it can actually give value to the customers and of an actual usecase while beating the traditional approach in terms of cost, environment friendly and satisfaction that the customer actually crave for.

You can definitely consider Duraflame if you’re one who do quite a lot of BBQ day after day.