Can You Burn Fragrance Oil? [3 Points]

Can You Burn Fragrance Oil?
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In the world of perfumery, a fragrance is a complex mixture of various natural extracts, oils and essences from different parts of the globe.

Fragrance oil is a term used for an extract or essence derived from botanical sources such as petals, peel, roots, aroma chemicals, and essential oils etc.

However, in this article we will discuss about can you burn fragrance oil?

Let’s find out in today’s post!

Can You Burn Fragrance Oil?

Yes, you can burn fragrance oil. Use a very low temperature for it.

However, you will need a fragrance that has a flashpoint of 150°F or less. A flashpoint is a temperature at which a liquid gives off vapour in sufficient concentrations to become combustible.

Oil based fragrances will have a less flashpoint and are great for burning on a candle warmer/burner.

Whereas wax based fragrances have a high flashpoint.

3 Best Fragrance Oils To Get Online

1.      Not Really Therapeutic

According to a study, burning fragrance oil (which last much longer than incense sticks) is not really therapeutic. It’s only the first few minutes that give you any kind of relaxation.

People have found that the fragranced oil didn’t help patients sleep or reduce their anxiety or if it does it was just a placebo effect and not something real and mainly because these participants who used the fragrance oil have already used the essential oils before and thus they experienced the placebo effect to a much higher degree.

2.      Might Not Serve You Well

There is a rising trend of burning scented oils to purify the air that we breathe in.

Burning fragrance oils with synthetic ingredients is not a good practice since most of these have been proven to be dangerous for our health. These scented oils also give off unnecessary scent that makes the air smell nice but at the same time, it can lead to extreme irritation and even allergic reactions in some people.

A better alternative would be using natural materials with therapeutic properties such as essential oils and dried flowers.

3.      Enhances The Surrounding Environment

There are several companies that offer high quality fragrance oils that are used to enhance the environment in many ways. Now, there are scientific studies that have shown that certain fragrances can help in reducing stress levels in the human body. These fragrances are known to have a soothing effect on people and can be used in room diffusers or by burning them in oil burners.

The essential oils are generally made using natural ingredients. The compounds found in these essential oils are also found in plants and flowers. Each of the essential oil has a distinct smell and has a different effect on the human mind and body.

Although, just like the essential oils, fragrance oils also enhances the surrounding environment and will make you feel better.