Can You Freeze Essential Oils? [3 Considerations]

Can You Freeze Essential Oils?
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Freezing and refrigerating foods can significantly improve their longevity; however, some items should never be frozen, while others should only be made to get consumed rapidly.

Some items that might benefit from freezing include meat and fish, which can last up to six months in the freezer.

If you’re considering stocking up on frozen food for storage or to get ready for an upcoming event such as a party or barbecue, than surely you can.

But, what about essential oils? Can you freeze essential oils?

Let’s find out in today’s post!

Can You Freeze Essential Oils?

The use of essential oils has been growing in prominence over the last decade. They have become an important part of the holistic health movement, and are now used by many for their medicinal properties. This growth has also given rise to a wide variety of claims about what they can be used for.

One of the most common questions is whether or not essential oils can be frozen. While they are certainly more resistant to cold than most oils, but this doesn’t mean that freezing them is a good idea.

But, if you’ve to do it for some reason sure you can.

We personally don’t recommend it and here’s the reason…

When you freeze the oil 2 things happen:

  • It might lose the scent and you’ll not experience the same scent as before freezing it
  • The water particles might mix inside. Because when you freeze something, naturally water particles indeed goes inside of them as well.

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1)     Can Lose Its Aroma

Many people have been using essential oils to reduce stress and stay healthy. But not many people know about the proper way to store essential oils. If you store essential oils in a wrong way, the oil can lose its fragrance. However, if stored properly, the essential oil will retain its aroma for several years.

Essential oils are very volatile substances which means they evaporate easily. That’s why you should store them in a cool and dark place. The sunlight and heat can cause premature evaporation of essential oils from the container.

Because of this most people without thinking freeze their essential oils which can cause its aroma to lose.

2)     Refrigerating Is The Better Solution Than Freezing

Freezing: Freezing is not recommended for storing your essential oils. It can break down the molecular structure of the oil and cause it to lose its quality.

For example, you should not store your lavender essential oil in the freezer, because it could lose its smell.

Refrigeration: Refrigeration is great for storing your essential oils because it doesn’t really freeze the oil which means the ice crystals forming will never occur and thus the actual aromatic compounds will remain there when you burn your oil the next time after refrigeration.

3)     Become Diluted          

Essential oils can become diluted when frozen, resulting in a different product. Here’s how you can still use them for aromatherapy and essential oil diffuser blends.

Freezing essential oils may seem like a good way to prolong their shelf life and save money. But unfortunately, it can also damage the quality of your oils and create a new mixture with weaker therapeutic benefits simply because pf the dilution that happened when you froze.