Why Does My Homemade Soap Dry My Skin? [7 Reasons]

Why Does My Homemade Soap Dry My Skin?
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Soap making is a lot of fun especially if you’re new to the process of making it.

You can customize the soap just the way you like and add ingredients which suits your skin.

The good part about making soap yourself is that you don’t have to add the unnecessary preservatives because you’ll start using them then and there instead of storing them long inside your shelves.

But, as a newbie, you can run into problems such as dry skin and might ask:

Why does my homemade soap dry my skin?

And that’s the topic of our today’s post, so let’s get started!

Why Does My Homemade Soap Dry My Skin?

Skin drying can occur for a lot of reasons and mostly it has to do with the ingredients you put inside of your soap.

Let’s talk about all the possible ingredients that might be making issues in your case.

1. Coconut Oil

While coconut oil is moisturizing on most skins, there are some people who have reported that their skins got dry after using coconut oil in larger quantities.

2. Lye Chemical

Lye is a chemical which used quite a lot in industrial soap making in minimum quantities and if you’re using it too, try reducing the amount to see if make any impact on your skin.

3. SLS

Also known as sodium lauryl sulfate is a type of detergent used to break down the oil and grease on your body. The problem with this chemical is that it’s quite strong. So if the ratio between other ingredients is not right this might be causing skin dryness in your case.

4. Fragrance

Most likely you’ll be relying on natural scents of items like rose, lavender, cucumber etc. But, if you’ve added fragrance in your soap you might need to rethink your strategy. Fragrance can cause skin irritation so it’s better avoided if you’re making the soap for your own personal needs.

Note: We’re talking about harsh artificial fragrances. Essential oils are fine.

5. Parabens

Parabens helps in preserving your soap so you can store them in large quantities and can use whenever you want them. If you’re not doing soap business and still figuring out the easiest way to get rid of the dry skin after using soap, avoid adding parabens which is almost unnecessary if you’re making the soaps just for yourself or your family.

Other Factors

You might not have realized drying of your skin might be because of some other external factors and not just your own soap and that’s what we’ll discuss below:

6. Just A Common Whether Condition Maybe?

Whether can play a role when it comes drying skin. Or perhaps, it can be a combination of both the soap and whether.

In order to verify if drying of your skin is a whether issue consider asking other people around you if they’re also experiencing the same thing.

7. Medication

Sometimes medications will also result in drying of your skin. If this is the case try out your soap after 14 days when your medication is over.