Have Creme Eggs Got Smaller? [2023-2022]

Have Creme Eggs Got Smaller?
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Crème eggs are one of the most popular products coming from Cadbury. These are delicious eggs that you can’t resist eating all if you’ve got a bunch of them.

But for the past couple of years people have noticed a decreased in size of these delicious eggs.

Let’s find out if it they actually got smaller or if it’s just a myth. Here’s B. J. Novak showing that creme eggs does actually got shrink-ed.

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Have Creme Eggs Got Smaller?

Yes, they have. That’s the reason many people have noticed it. Kids noticed as well because guess what they can’t compromise on the size and because of the fact that they regularly consume them not only on special occasions like Easter eggs, Christmas and Halloween, but on other regular days as well.

The weird part is, not only they’ve reduced the size of the egg but also increased the price of the crème eggs as well.

Don’t get confused with mini crème eggs, they also come from Cadbury.

Why Did This Happen?

There could be a couple of reasons behind why did this happen but the most obvious ones are:


It’s been confirmed that the eggs have gotten shorter about 7-11%.

If we just talk about the lower range that’s just 7% and let’s just for the sake of example Cadbury is selling about 10,000 crème eggs per day than according to the calculation:

10,000 x 7% = 700.

That means Cadbury is saving 700 eggs minimum and keeping all this profit to themselves. And this is just a day if we covert this to monthly or yearly basis the profitability will be huge.

Monthly: 700 eggs x 30 = 21000 eggs

Yearly: 21000 eggs x 12 = 252000 eggs

But that’s not all, Cadbury increased the pricing to by 2.5% as well which is also not we’ve calculated in this exemplary numbers.

Marketing Tactic

Another possible reason is to get under the radar of people so people will search online and the Cadbury brand will grow which is what happening at the moment.

Whether the search is sentimentally positive or negative when the brand gets searched it actually impacts there sale no matter what unless there’s a mindful and collective boycott by the people.

Previous Crème Eggs Vs Now

Let’s do a quick comparison:

The previous crème eggs were of 278g and now they’re reduced to 258g.

Along with the 2.5% increase in the price of it.

Wrapping It Up

So yes, the crème eggs have got smaller and this is not what happened in 2021, in fact it has been the case since 2019 perhaps you might have noticed just yet or bought crème eggs after a long time. There’s a lot of history attached to creme eggs and people love it for so many reasons. Thank god many of the creme eggs versions are the same like twisted and mini.