Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp? [4 Reasons]

Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp?
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Sleeping well is something that is very important for your health and well-being. Research has shown us that a good night’s sleep can lead to increased productivity and creativity. The quality of our bed sheets can impact our sleep.

This blog will look at different aspects of the quality of the bed sheet that could impact your sleep and can mimic the sheets that are used in the premium 5 star hotels.

Let’s find out how hotel sheets are so crisp?

Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp?

Here are a couple of reasons why hotel sheets are so crisp in nature…

1.      Percale

It’s a fact: hotel sheets are better than your sheets at home. As a hotel guest, you’ve probably noticed that your sheets are crisp and clean. You’ve probably also noticed that they are pretty durable.

There’s a reason…

The sheets hotel used are made from the percale material. Simply put, hotels use sheets that are more durable in the long run so they can get a positive ROI out from it.

Percale is a very well-known cotton cloth and is purposely made for the hospitality industry. Not only are they durable, but they also feel crisp, just like a new sheet at your home.

So if you want to experience the same crispiness in your home too, get yourself percale bed sheets to experience just like that.

Here are the best percale sheets to consider:

2.      Starched

Hotel sheets are crisp because they are starched. Generally, starches are chemicals that make the fabrics stiff and crispy, it makes the fabric keeps its shape. The crisp sheets do not necessarily mean clean sheets, but they are more likely to be clean than wrinkly sheets that have been used for a number of times.

3.      Ironing

Ironing is a great way to flatten out the fibers of fabric.

Ironing is often a part of the laundering process used in drying clothes or linens, notably to remove creases and fold marks. Ironing is also done to enhance the way how bed sheet look and to give the guest a premium feel.

The process of ironing may be done by hand manually or using an automated ironing machine like this one.

4.      Re-User

Another reason why hotel sheets are so crisp is because the hotel typically does not reuse the sheet right after a guest. But they might not necessary take them in the laundry.

Hotels skip a few guests before they use the same sheet which was once used with little to no cleaning.

Because of this, they have a tendency to be much crisper than sheets that have been used. The first time you stay in a hotel, you may feel like the sheets are much crisper than what you are used to at home, however, they will soften up a bit after you’re a few a number of guests booking the hotel and each time the same sheet is used.

Wrapping It Up

So these are the 4 reasons why hotel sheets are so crisp. If you want to get the same experience in a comfort of your home apply all the strategies given above and make your sleep healthy.