Are Wrist Wraps Cheating? [There’s a Catch…]

Are Wrist Wraps Cheating?
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Wrist wraps will help reduce the stress on your wrist during heavy lifts and help you perform more reps and increase the weight you lift. You can use wrist wraps during your workout sessions to help reach to your fitness goals at ease.

But, are wrist wraps considered as cheating?

Let’s find out in today’s post…

Are Wrist Wraps Cheating

Wrist wraps are not cheating.

The reason why people call wrist wraps cheating is that they help you lift heavier weights. If you don’t wear wrist wraps, you won’t be able to lift as much weight.

But, if you’re participating in a competition using wrist wraps might be considered as cheating as per the rules of whatever the tournament you’re participating in.

Which Wrist Wraps Are Great To Use?

There are many different brands of wrist wraps on the market today, and it is possible that you could be wearing the wrong type of wrist wraps for your training. The below shortlist will help you determine the best wrist wrap for your training.


Wrist wraps are a controversial form of athletic support. They’re intended to help prevent injury or provide support for those who already have an injury.

But it’s possible that they are used to cheat in competitions, like powerlifting.

At first glance, this idea seems ridiculous. But when you look closely at the rules for powerlifting, it’s clear that there are gray areas that can be exploited.

So during competitor, it’s most likely that the wrist wraps are not allowed.

You’re Telling Lie To Yourself

When it comes to lifting weights, the wrist wrap is a great accessory for those of you who are looking to increase the weight you lift and do so without injuring your wrists.

But most people are using the wraps for the wrong reasons.

They aren’t using them to get the right kind of workout for their body, but instead they are using them to do more sets and reps, knowing they’re only doing because of the wrist wraps.

Which is kind of cheating to yourself by making the exercise seem easy when in reality it’s not.

If they individually make the efforts of doing the sets without using the wrist wraps the results might be far from what you’ve expected.

Let’s face it, the wrist wraps are used to support your wrists and prevent them from bending back easily. And that’s the only way you’re performing many reps and sets even though you’re not strong enough to do without the help of it.

So it’s like a cheating on yourself.

Wrapping It Up

So the final verdict is the wrist are definitely not cheating but, if you go against the rules of the tournament that’s the only thing where it can be considered as cheating.

Most of the time you should be using wrist wraps because dead lifts is indeed an intense workout, which can put a lot of strain on your wrists. Wrist wraps can help to protect your wrists in the long run and help you extend your sessions but a few minutes making yourself much stronger.