Do Oil Cured Olives Need Refrigeration? [3 Basics]

Do Oil Cured Olives Need Refrigeration?
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The fridge’s job is to keep all your food and drinks at a temperature that prevents them from spoiling.

Nowadays, refrigerators are made with the latest technology that keeps food fresh for longer than ever before. However, it’s important to remember to use the right temperature setting on your refrigerator.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about do oil cured olives need refrigeration?

Let’s find out!

Do Oil Cured Olives Need Refrigeration?

No, they don’t need to be refrigerated, however how long they last depends on various factors such as storage temperature and humidity.

Olive oil is a natural preservative, so as long as you store them at room temperature or below and keep them sealed, they can last months and even years depending on how you store them. There are some other ways that will extend the life of your olives even more:

1) Keep them moist preferably in a salt water solution.

2) Don’t shake them too much otherwise they can get damaged.

3) Store them in a well-sealed container.

Note: If you’re living in a hotter region putting cured olive oil inside the refrigerator is actually a good idea to follow.

3 Best Oil Cured Olives To Get

1.      What Are Oil Cured Olives?

Oil cured olives are a special type of olive that is salted first to remove the bitterness and then preserved in oil for long. It’s one of the oldest methods for preserving food.

Olives have been cultivated since 7000 years ago, and the earliest evidence of oil curing was found in Mediterranean regions. The process was used by Romans to preserve their surplus harvest during times when there was an abundance of olives but lack of storage space for them all.

The process is still used today in some regions across the Mediterranean including Spain, Greece, France and so on.

2.      It’s Better To Refrigerate Them

Olives are cured for a number of reasons, including taste and preservation. Traditional curing techniques have been used for centuries to take advantage of the curing process. This is because the longer olives are cured, the more their flavor will develop.

The decision whether or not to refrigerate cured olives depends on how long they’ve been preserved by that particular curing method.

But because in this article we’re talking about oil cured olive oils we recommend storing it inside the refrigerator but if you can’t do it’s not necessary to keep in refrigerator.

3.      Cool Temperature You Can Also Keep Them Outside

Recently, the weather has been consistently cool. There are no signs of the heatwave returning anytime soon. This is great news for people who have a fully-stocked pantry and don’t want to waste their food by keeping it inside where it will spoil.

Many people choose to leave their cured olives outside during warmer months because they can ruin quickly when placed in less than ideal conditions.

But if you live in an area with temperate weather, you can also store them outdoors during cooler months without having to worry about them spoiling or being ruined by moisture or bugs.