Can I Put Refrigerator On Carpet? [4 Exceptions]

Can I Put Refrigerator On Carpet?
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When it comes to keeping your home looking good with all the essential items in it than 2 of the most essential items that are absolutely necessary are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Carpet

Without these 2 essential items your home can’t be considered as complete or also known as “home sweet home”.

In this post, we’ll discuss if it’s possible to put a refrigerator on top of the carpet or if it’s even a best practice to use?

Let’s begin…

Can I Put Refrigerator On Carpet?

The short answer is, NO. It’s not recommended to put a refrigerator on carpet and the reasons can be many but here are a few:

1.      Restricted Airflow To Condenser

Have you ever noticed that each refrigerator have a space beneath them. You’ll not see refrigerator having no space underneath. The reason is pretty simple.

The process of refrigeration requires good amount of airflow to work.

And if you put the carpet underneath your refrigerator than this can affect the airflow especially if the thickness of your carpet is good or your carpet is full of hairs and volume.

2.      Heat Retention Of The Carpet

Carpets tend to retain heat and as we know refrigerators produce quite a lot of heat 24/7 making your room temperature go high.

This phenomenon can be good or bad for you depending on where you’re living and what the temperature is.

If you’re living under cold weather conditions than this is a perfect recipe and a good idea to have carpet under your refrigerator.

3.      Water Spillage

The tray at the bottom which gets all the water might spill on your carpet making it worse than you can even imagine.

The stain that it’ll left on your carpet might not go away even when you clean it thoroughly using detergents because this water is full of algae and other fungus and bacteria’s.

4.      That Carpet Can’t Be Used Anywhere Else

The refrigerators are heavy even if they are empty from the inside. That weight and with the addition of gravity further presses the carpet underneath the legs of the refrigerator section making 4 smaller and very weird looking areas on the carpet.

This carpet is somewhat ruined and can only be used under your refrigerator because if you were to use it in other parts of the house it’ll not look good.

4 Best Carpets For Refrigerator

What’s The Alternative To Carpet?

You can use cardboard instead of carpet. That’s a much better option you can consider.

One thing we need to mention here is that if you’re using a mini fridge instead of the refrigerator than using a carpet beneath is not much a problem because the heat produced from using the small fridge is not enough.

Wrapping It Up

So the conclusion is, it really depends on what you want to achieve. If you want your room or lounge area to retain more heat because you’re living in a cold environment than you can. But, in most cases, the best practice is not to place a carpet or rug under your refrigerator.