Can You Wash A Rug With A Hose? [2021 Guide]

Can You Wash A Rug With A Hose?
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Washing your rug from time to time is an important task you need to continue in a sequential manner.

Schedule the cleaning process for every first 7 days of the month to remain consistent.

This is a very great habit to build to keep your rug in better condition throughout the lifetime of it.

Even if you were to sell it after using it, someone will be able to get you an ample amount based on its condition.

But the question arises how we should clean the rug. Do we need any special equipment of any kind or if a hose is more than enough?

Let’s find out!

Can You Wash A Rug With A Hose?

Let’s first talk about the use cases of the hose:

  • Fire fighting
  • Watering plants

Based on these use cases you can see the former use case require a lot more pressure than the latter one but still hose can fulfill both the requirements.

It can produce ample amount of pressure when doing firefighting tasks and good enough for water plants as well.

If you know what you’re asking for than definitely, you can use a hose to clean a rug.

It’s just a flexible tube use to convey the water taking from the source and giving to the targets those are plants etc.

But, if you meant pressure specifically, than keep on reading…

How Much Water Pressure Is Required To Clean A Rug?

The pressure that your motor should produce must be between 1600 – 1800 PSI.

Keeping the PSI in check will result in better cleaning of your rug in shortest amount of time possible.

Make sure before you begin with the hose, is you’ve already used some sort of cleaning agent prior you pressure wash it.

What Are The Steps To Take?

If you follow these steps you’ll get the best cleaning experience of your rug:

Step 1) Remove the dirt first by hitting the rug with wood stick or something solid. Make sure, the rug is dry in this step.

Step 2) Use a hose with a good pressure and wet the rug completely. Try to clean the rug without applying anything on the rug.

Step 3) Apply detergent or any cleaning agent based on your preference. We recommend carpet shampoo just like this one.

Step 4) After you’ve thoroughly applied the carpet shampoo, set the motor at higher PSI (if you have that option) and clean the rug thoroughly and slowly.

What Water Temperature Is Needed?

We recommend that you shouldn’t use either too hot or too cold water.

Use the normal temperature water to clean your rugs the best.

If you use hot water it might lose the strings of the rug thus making it look like it’s an old one and is already been used for years when this is not simply true.

And if you use cold water the cleaning detergent that you’ll be using might not work the way you expect.

The main purpose of a detergent is to cut the stains, dirt and any grease particles present inside the rug but, when cold temperature water is used it actually acts as a barrier and will not be able to remove the dirt present inside.

Wrapping It Up

Let’s conclude things up, “can you wash a rug with a hose?”. Absolutely, you can.

In fact, it’s one of the best process you can setup within the comfort of your home and without hiring carpet cleaning companies.

If you remain consistent with the cleaning tasks than surely you’ll reap much better output from your efforts for long time to come.