Why Is My Rotary Cutter Not Cutting? [Possible 3 Reasons]

Why Is My Rotary Cutter Not Cutting?
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A rotary cutter is an ideal tool for cutting fabric. It is ideal for cutting straight lines or cutting blocks of fabric into individual pieces.

While these cutters are sold in most fabric stores, not many quilters use rotary cutters. This is because they do require a learning curve to get started with these.

However, the topic of today’s post is quite different and that’s…

Why is my rotary cutter not cutting?

Let’s find out!

Why Is My Rotary Cutter Not Cutting?

The rotary cutter is designed to cut fabric smoothly and easily. But it is not designed to cut very thick fabric.

Also, if you are pressing harder, you are likely to cause the fabric to jam in the blade after a few turns. This is the reason why the rotary cutter is not cutting.

If you need to cut fabric with thick seam, use an appropriate blade for the task. This accessory will make the blade sharper and you will be able to cut through seams and fabrics with thicker weight.

3 Best Rotary Cutters Available In The Market

1.      Nick On The Blade

When you first see a rotary cutter, it seems as though it would be impossible to nick the blade. It’s just a little circle, right?

How can you nick something that has a manual function? Well, as long as there is a blade and a handle attached to it, it’s possible for you to nick it. If you press down on the blade and move it at the same time, you can nick the blade and make it dull.

Never make a zigzag motion with your blade. This is a common mistake people make while cutting complex shapes. If you’re trying to cut multiple layers of fabric, cut them one at a time and then move on to the next one.

2.      Long Usage

Rotary cutters are very useful and helpful tools that you can use for your daily life. They can be used for cutting fabric and for other purposes as well.

Rotary cutters can be used to cut fabrics and other materials as well. However, you need to know the right way to use rotary cutters. If you’ve been using for a long time than you will notice that the cutter will not cut properly.

The reason for this is that it is very important to lubricate your cutter. Without doing this, the cutter will damage the blade and will become less and less efficient overtime.

3.      You’re Not Servicing Properly

Many people love quilting and sewing, but often they do not know how to properly clean and maintain their rotary cutter.

This can lead to a dull blade, awkward cuts and even a safety issue. Since some people use their rotary cutter regularly, it is important to understand the best way to clean and maintain it.

You should do oiling regularly to keep the rotary cutter in the best shape possible.

It is also important to consider any safety concerns and check to see if there are any protective shields that need to be used while the rotary cutter is in use.