Does Tile Go Under Cabinets? [YES or NO]

Does Tile Go Under Cabinets?
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Just like with everything there are both pros and cons. In this post, we’ll discuss both the cases and if it’s one is better than the other.

Let’s begin:

The Short Answer Is…

Yes and no. If your flooring requires nailing and gluing tiling should be done first before you begin installing the cabinets. And if you’re planning to setup floating floor than it should be done after the cabinets.

Hope this little version of the post gives you enough insights to what and what not to do.

Which Cabinet? Upper, Lower?

Usually, the tiles go under cabinet when your flooring is already done and the cabinet is question is the one setup on floor. Unlike, cabinets which are setup up the ceiling.

So in short, if it’s not a floating floor and the cabinets in question are setup at the bottom attached to the floor, we believe the tiles should go under the cabinets.

For the cabinets that are attached with the ceiling are the ones that doesn’t require the tile to go under. But, surely you can set it up if that’s what you’ve planned.

What’s The Actual Purpose Of A Cabinet Is?

If you think logically, the purpose of the cabinet is to serve us (when in need) and hide mess. So in a nutshell if you’re hiding the products, food and crockery with a cabinet door essentially you’re hiding the tile as well.

So if your thinking is that if I install the tile under the cabinet it’ll look beautiful and all than that theory is not good enough since you only plan to open the cabinet in need and in a mess you can’t even be able to see what’s beneath.

So installing a tile under a cabinet is just not worth it in this perspective.

The Pros And Cons Of Having A Tile Under Cabinet

Having a tile under a cabinet both have its pros and cons.


  • Looks and feels smooth
  • The surface is plain
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Stains are easy to remove

There Are Mostly Pros, But The Only Con Is…

The tile can break. It’s rare though but, there’s always a possibility of it. You can store something heavy inside it maybe a big jar of pickle or honey, or pestle and mortar. And if these kind of things slips they mostly cause damage.

One way to avoid this is by using items which are light in weight if you’re considering having a tile under your cabinet. Avoid storing things like:

  • Large jars full of something
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Heavy electric items (Blenders, juicers etc)
  • Heavy fry pans

When the tile break it’s hard to manage afterwards. Either you need to resolve it by cementing yourself or get a new one installed. If you leave it as it’s the small portion of the tile might get lost.

Wrapping It Up

So, does tile go under cabinets? Now you know what needs to be done.