Why Do My Lips Burn When I Put On Chapstick? [7 Reasons]

Why Do My Lips Burn When I Put On Chapstick?
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You might have questioned yourself why do my lips burn when I put on chapstick? At one point of your life. This is not a usual case but happens with a few of us.

In this post, we’ll find out what exactly is causing the issue. Let’s get started:

1.     Harsh Chemicals

Many companies use harsh chemicals for a few reasons and one of them is so they can be able to reduce the cost of the product.

Harsh chemicals are so common that they are sadly even found in the cosmetics.

2.     Perfume Based

Chemical based perfume is something that isn’t come from the nature and thus not good for us to use as a balm on our lips.

If the smell is natural and the product itself actually uses organic ingredients than that’s fine.

Avoid getting perfume based chapstick it might be the reason for burning sensation on your lips.

3.     Not Suited For Your Lip Type

Here’s something to admit. We all are different. Some of us have darker lips, some of us have brighter lips.

Some lips are sensitive and some can tolerate harsh and perfume based chemicals.

So you need to figure out which chapstick doesn’t suit you. And never buy something similar in the market.

4.     Wrong Timing

You might be on a medication and because of that your lips are now sensitive to the ingredients present in the lip balm.

When you’re perfectly fine and don’t feel a burning sensation when you’re not on a medication.

Medication can be a cause that’s making your lips a bit sensitive to whatever applied on them.

5.     Check Expiry

Most of the chapstick don’t have an expiry date but, some do. Make sure, you’re getting one that’s good enough to keep for a bit long.

6.     Lip Inflammation

Do you get inflammation marks on other parts of your skin as well? If so, your lips might be experiencing inflammation at the moment.

7.     Allergic To Certain Ingredient

Make a list of all the chapstick that you’re feeling burning sensation to. It’s because you might be allergic to a certain ingredient of the chapstick.

Check the ingredients of those chapsticks and apply your gut feeling to figure out which ingredients might not be good for you.

Any Alternatives Please?


Now that we’ve covered what might be causing the burning sensation on your lips, let’s find out alternatives too:

·        Petroleum Jelly

Apply pure petroleum jelly to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. There are various products available both online and offline make sure you pick the correct one based on the user’s feedback.

·        Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil

All of these oils are great options and can be applied on lips. It’s better to use oils which are 100% and cold pressed. Because refined oils are not that beneficial and loses the healing properties in the process beneficial for the lips.

·        Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been long been used for ages for skin care and guess what? It works for lips too. You can apply it as an alternative to chapstick.